How To Make a Tall Flower Arrangement

Flower arrangements are nice accents to any room, may it be the living room, the dining area or even the hall. Tall arrangements may cost a lot of money, so if you’re into growing your own flowers and doing things yourself, it would be a good option to get your pruning shears and creative mind into action.

A flower arrangement can certainly spruce up the atmosphere of a room! It could also serve as a punch of color that could counteract the other plain colors of the room. Much of decorating and interior design now is based on playing contrasts and combining seemingly dissimilar elements. A tall flower arrangement would be at home in a traditional home or even in a modern house.

Before putting together your very own tall flower arrangement, you must go through these following steps:

  1. Find the right sized vase or pot. It should match well with the already existing features, furniture and furniture in your room. You may also paint or varnish your pot to help it blend in more with the room. Always use some sort of place mat to protect the surface of the table from scratches.
  2. Buy floral foam. Floral foam is a thickly packed brittle foam that comes in blocks. They are easily cut and shaped to fit any container, pot or planter. These could be easily bought from a craft store or at the florist’s.
  3. Have a sketch or at least a rough idea on how you want your arrangement to look. You have to pick out flowers and foliage that could stack with each other. Take into consideration the color combinations and how long they would last before they wilt and need replacement.
  4. Pick out the foliage and flowers that you want for your arrangement.

To put together the actual tall flower arrangement:

  1. Put an adequate amount of floral foam at the base of the pot. Use a sharp craft knife to sculpt the foam. Make sure that the foam stays put inside the pot. Instability in the way the foam is installed can cause problems in the overall appearance of the flowers later on.
  2. Using pruning shears, start cutting the flowers and shrubs according to your liking. Remember that the smaller and short blossoms should be in front to make sure that they’ll be seen. The ones with longer stems should be behind. Keep the cut slanted to give you a sharp edge for punching it through the foam. A sharp pair of shears also keeps the cutting from wilting faster.
  3. If you’re preparing an arrangement that is to be viewed from 360 degrees or all around  (like in a dining table for instance), place the tallest flowers and foliage in the middle.
  4. Adorn your arrangement with ribbons and other trinkets.

There are a hundred and one ways of doing this! It’s all up to you. Let your imagination fly.


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