How To Make a Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany lamps were popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 20th century. He was an American decorative artist. He used stained glass in his masterpieces, including the lamps. Making one Tiffany lamp requires a lot of hard work, patience and precision because you will be dealing with small pieces of stained glass that you will put together by soldering to create one whole lamp. If you are interested in trying out to make a Tiffany lamp, this article will teach you how. Gather your patience and diligence and read on.

  • Draw and cut the design. Think of a lamp design that you want to make. It is better to start with a simple design so that it is easier to make. Once you have mastered making Tiffany lamps, you can proceed to more intricate designs. For starters, make a lamp with four panels. For reference on Tiffany’s works, you can look them up online. Pattern your lamp from his works to have a more authentic feel. Since you’re just a beginner, choose the simplest design. Once you’re done drawing, cut out the design and transfer it into a cardboard. Label the pieces with numbers and make a list of the numbers and their corresponding colors. This will help you identify and match the colors of the lamp.
  • Purchase the materials needed. Buy stained glass in the colors that you have decided on. You will also need copper foil, solder and soldering iron for sticking the pieces together, glass cutter (there is no substitute for this-you cannot cut glass with a box cutter), the base of the lamp (which you can buy at home stores), a cap (this is what holds the lamp together) and a light bulb.
  • Cut the glass. Cut the stained glass according to your design’s shapes and sizes with the glass cutter. Put each cut glass on top of the cardboard design that you made to see how you’re progressing. Continue until the last piece of glass is cut.
  • Wrap the glass with copper foil. Each piece of stained glass must be wrapped with copper foil on its sides. This takes a lot of work so be patient. Make sure that each and every one of the stained glass is wrapped in foil; else it will not adhere to the other pieces when soldered.
  • Start soldering. Do this one panel at a time. Start with the first piece of glass, touch the solder to the glass and begin the soldering process. Do this to every piece of glass. Finish soldering all four panels.
  • Assemble the lamp panels. Once you’re done with soldering all four panels, it is now time to assemble them together to create the lamp head. Solder the panels together, careful not to misalign the panels. Put on the cap to hold the lamp head and the base together. Secure it so that the lamp head will not fall off.

You now have a lamp worthy of Louis C. Tiffany’s praise. Place it in a conspicuous spot where you and visitors to your house can admire it. If you’re satisfied with the work that you’ve done, you can definitely make another one with a more intricate design.


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