How To Make a Toilet Seat Cover

A toilet seat cover can both brighten a bathroom and make the toilet more comfortable. Making a removable cloth cover for the toilet seat is a simple and fast way to enhance your bathroom.

You will need fabric, elastic, scissors, a fabric pen, and a sewing machine.

  1. Choose Your Fabric. Many different fabrics can be used, but be sure to buy a fabric that can be machine washed for easy cleaning. Take into account the decor of the bathroom. The fabric can be fun, modest, or anything that you want it to be to best matches your personal style.
  2. Remove the Toilet Seat Lid. This is generally a simple task. Look for the hinges on the back side of the toilet and remove the seat. Be sure the seat is clean for working with it.
  3. Trace the Lid.Place the toilet seat on the fabric and trace the edges. Bear in mind that this is not where you will be cutting, so leave space around it on all sides. A fabric pen works well for marking the edges of the seat.
  4. Measure an Extra Two Inches. Around the curved edges of the traced toilet seat, add two inches and trace this line. This is the line you will be cutting. You do not need to include the side where the hinges are, but do leave enough on this side for a nice hem.
  5. Cut the Elastic. Place the elastic around the traced toilet seat along the curved edges and cut enough elastic to go on this edge.
  6. Attach the Elastic. Fold the extra two inches you measured previously in half, and sew this together at the edge of the fabric, leaving a hole for inserting the elastic. Once this is done, insert the elastic into the fold. The easiest way to insert elastic is to attach a safety pin into the elastic and use this to pull it through the fold. Once the elastic is in place, sew the ends of the elastic band into place.
  7. Hem the Hinge Side. To make your toilet seat cover look best, fold under a quarter inch of the fabric and hem the line of fabric that goes where the hinges go.
  8. Re-attach the Toilet Seat. Simply undo what you have already done. This, again, should be a simple process of re-attaching the hinges onto the toilet.
  9. Place Your Toilet Seat Cover. At this point, your toilet seat cover is ready. Place it on the toilet seat and you are all set. If you have chosen a machine washable fabric, cleaning the toilet seat cover is a simple matter of removing the cover and tossing it into the washing machine.


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