How To Make a Vintage Ceiling Tin Wall Pocket

A lot can be said about how a person decorates his home. The more minimalist among us will use angular furniture and straight lines. The more bohemian will use a lot of crazy, fun, psychedelic patterns. But nothing makes a room look more classic than a vintage ceiling tin wall pocket.

Ceiling tin wall pockets make great wall decorations. They break the monotonous color with festive, floral patterns that can be a great conversation piece when showing guests around the house. They look classy and refined and if you put in fresh flowers, you can fill the room with wonderful fragrances that evoke cheerful emotions.

Here are the things you need to create vintage ceiling tin wall pockets:

Tin nips
Floral wire
Bud vase
Wire cutters
Drill bit (for metal cutting)
Vintage ceiling tins

With those items in hand, follow the steps below:

  • Location. Before making the ceiling tins, you have to decide on which part of the ceiling it will go. Do you situate it closer to the windows? Do you place it in a blank part of the wall? Between high standing furniture? To minimize trial and error on your part, try to view the room as a whole so you know where best to place your vintage ceiling tin wall pockets.
  • Start cutting. Cut a single ceiling tile into a size you’ve decided for the wall pocket. Your options are to use the entire tile or cut it down to a more petite size.
  • Drill holes. Take your drill and make a hole around 2 inches from the top part of the ceiling tile. Punch it through all the way.
  • Make the front. Take your 2nd ceiling tile and bend it into half a cylinder. Making this will comprise the front of the pocket.
  • Keep drilling. Next, drill holes at the bottom and sides of the tile you made in step 3. Make the holes one-fourth inch in from the tree side, near the edge.
  • Line up both tiles. Take both tiles and put them on top of each other, the curved one on the top part of the first tile. Make sure they’re lined up correctly with each other.
  • Mark the holes. Take a marker and indicate where the tiles are on the first tile. You can do this by slipping the marker all the way through the holes you made and make a black dot to indicate location. Drill holes through.
  • Knot it up. Line up both tiles again and run a piece of long floral wire through. Start from the back bottom at the left one then tread the wire into the remaining two holes. Thread it like you’re threading a pair of sneakers.
  • Tie things up. Finally, knot the end of the wire into a knot after threading the final hole. You can then place a bud vase through the pocket you’ve just made then insert a flower in.
  • Hang it up. Lastly, you can hang it along the walls at the locations you’ve decided upon in step 1.

Easy-peasy! You can create as many as you like for all of the rooms in your house. Get creative with the designs you choose to create for the tiles to make varied, fun options for you and your home.


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