How To Make a Wall Hanging with Remnants

Decorating your home does not have to be expensive, and does not require you to purchase brand new materials. Recycle some of the old remnant fabrics from curtains and clothes lying around the house or in untouched trunks by transforming these into decorative wall hangings. Here’s how.

  1. Choose a theme. When making a wall hanging from remnants, think of these as paintings made from a collage of fabrics. As such, you have a wide variety of themes to portray in your wall hanging remnant. When choosing a theme, one of the deciding factors that can help you are the types of decorative pieces that you have. For instance, if you have fabrics or trinkets that come in shades of blue and green, or with fish, corral, and sea shell designs, then an underwater themed remnant can be made.
  2. Preparing the canvass. Once you have chosen a theme, the next step is to create the base. You will need a piece of muslin which will serve as the blank slate. The muslin can be cut in any size, but as a guiding principle, it is best to stick with sizes that are proportional to the room that you are decorating. To hide the jagged edges of the muslin, you will need to fold all four edges by an inch. Use white glue to keep the strips from unfolding, and once the glue has dried, preserve the sharp edges by ironing the edges in place. The top edge should be three inches longer, and should have space inside for inserting a dowel. Iron the rest of the muslin to give it a very flat look.
  3. Adding the background. Next, add the background elements for the wall hanging remnant. Usually, large patches of cloth or fabric are used for the background. For instance, you can use a large patch of blue lace from old curtains to create the background for the sea. Usually, the background should have at least two to three elements in the background. For underwater themed wall hanging remnants for instance, you can add a patch of black fabric at the bottom of the sea to create the image of the ocean floor. You can also add bubbles from circles cut out from old clothes.
  4. Decorative elements. Next, you will need to put in the details for the wall hanging remnant. For instance, you can add corrals using crumpled strips of fabric in various colors. Pin these into place on the base and on the edges of the strips of the fabric to create a twisty and tangling mass of corrals. Then, add details such as fishes from T shirts, which have been cut out and glued into place.

For the finishing touches, you can use ribbons, beads, and other decorative trinkets to line the border of the wall hanging remnant .you can also scatter these on the bottom of the sea themed wall hanging to create texture and the appearance of small rocks. Attach the dowel at the top sleeve, and use strings to attach your inexpensive home decoration project to the ceiling.


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