How To Make a Watering Can Luminary

Watering can luminaries are fabulous lighting accessories that can make any garden or outdoor landscape look absolutely fantastic and magical come nighttime. If you are wondering what are watering can luminaries are, then you should know that they are merely watering cans designed in a variety of ways to allow a lit candle to spread light in the darkest of areas. For instance, a watering can luminary with star-shaped holes all around will definitely produce starlight when a lit candle is inserted in it.

So, now that you know what they are exactly, here are some steps on how to make them.

  • Decide on the pattern or design. The first step will require you to decide on the design or pattern for the watering can, the number and kinds of holes you will punch through the can. As mentioned above, you can go with stars to produce a starry night in a dark outdoor area. Of course, you should not be limited to this design or pattern alone. You can opt for an insect, animal, or flower pattern if you prefer. If you deem it desirable, you can even go with a plain polka dot design. It is entirely up to you however, you will need to finalize the design by creating the pattern. Use a piece of paper as the pattern and trace the design on it.
  • Mark the can. The next step will involve you using this paper pattern to create the marks on the can. What you will want to do is wrap the design on the can and secure it with tape. Get a nail and create marks or indentations on the cans surface based on the pattern you created previously. For instance, if you went with the start design, then recreate the star on the can with the indentations. Keep at it until your pattern has been transferred as marks on the can. These marks will guide you as you punch the holes later on.
  • Freeze the can. Fill the watering can with water and place it inside the freezer overnight. You will want the water and the can to freeze up since it will be easier to punch the holes when the can is frozen. The metal will become brittle making it easier to break.
  • Punch the holes. The next day, with the can totally frozen, the next step will be to start punching the holes to create the design on the can. Use a nail and hammer to do this. Light hammering should do the trick. Make sure to use the indentations as the guide. Once you are done with the hole-punching phase, the next step will be to wash and rinse the can. Doing this will also melt any icing still hard on it. After rinsing, allow the can to dry naturally.

As soon as the watering can dries up, insert a lit candle into the can, dim the lights, and test the effect. If the effect is up to your standards, bring the can with the candle out to the yard at night to make your garden look fabulous under the dark night.


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