How To Make a Wind Chime

Wind chimes are charming to see and, more especially, to hear. When touched by a breeze, wind chimes can transport you to a place of harmony, ease, and tranquility. Imagine hanging wind chimes in your favorite spots at home. Anywhere you go, the soft clanging of the chimes will follow you. But you don’t have to buy several wind chimes to have that piece of serenity. You can make your own. Just follow these guides to come up with a homemade wind chime.

  1. Decide on the theme. Having a theme is important to make sure that the wind chime you are going to make fits the overall theme of the room you will hang it in. You have limitless options for themes. For example, you can go Oriental, traditional, or personalized. The theme you have determines the materials you will use. If you want to have an Oriental wind chime, you need to gather hollow bamboo sticks. If you choose to make traditional, you can use hollow metal tubes. Personalized wind chimes, compared to the first two, allow variations. You can, for instance, use shells, keys, and bottle caps. Keep in mind, however, that your materials should be light enough to be hung and can collectively create a good sound.
  2. Prepare the tools.  You need to gather all the tools you will need prior to the actual assembling. This is so that you can avoid distractions while making the wind chime. The tools you need are usually found around the house such as scissors and drill.
  3. Test the chime materials. To do this, you need to have a clear idea of the sound you like to achieve. Testing the sound of the chimes is easier done if you have musically inclined ears, although you can also use a piano to match the sound of the chimes with the musical notes you want to replicate. To test the sound, hang the chimes with a string and let them hit against each other. Then, carefully identify the chimes that will produce the notes you want.
  4. Assemble the wind chime. First choose a wooden platform from which your chimes will be suspended. Then, drill a ½-inch hole on the top center of the wood and ¼-inch holes along the length of the wood, the number of which depends on the number of chimes you want to hang. Make sure the distance between the holes is uniform. Next, drill ½-inch holes on one end of your chimes. Connect the chimes to the holes on the platform using a nylon string. Then, loop another nylon string to the hole on the platform’s top center to hang the wind chime. 

Find a very good spot for your wind chime. You can hang it on a tree, on the doorway, or anywhere it can catch a breeze. Should there be any oddity in the sound, find out if you need to make some adjustments in the chime materials. If you are using tubes or pipes, for example, you may need to trim the length. But if all is well, you have nothing else to do but enjoy the sound of your DIY wind chime.


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