How To Make a Wind Chime Using Old Keys

Recycling coupled with creativity can do many wonderful and useful projects. Wind chimes hold a special place in a house by creating soothing sounds together with the breeze. Although it is a great addition to your porch, it doesn’t have to be too expensive. Plus, making it out of recycled keys is not a complicated task either.

Follow these steps in making your own wind chime using old keys.

  • Prepare the materials you will need for this project. These are the following: a hand power drill, a 1/8 inch of drill bit, protective goggles, clear fishing line, old keys, a branch or stick that is eight to twelve inches in length and one and a half to two inches in diameter. It is optional to add some assorted colorful beads to your ensemble.
  • Create a hole through the stick using the hand power drill. Get the fishing line and insert it to the hole you have made. Make sure the hole passes through the stick’s diameter otherwise you wouldn’t able to thread the fishing line completely.
  • Repeat the process above for the rest of the stick’s length. Measure a distance of two centimeters in between the holes. Leave the edges intact so the stick won’t break.
  • Connect the keys to the stick. Depending on the size of the keys you used cut the same length of fishing line for each. Secure another end of the fishing line on each key. Tie a knot surely. Grab the other end of the line and thread it to the holes you have created on the stick, insert the line and secure its attachment by twisting it up several times.
  • Make sure the keys can hit each other. If you have put keys in assorted sizes, adjust the length of the fishing line for each. The keys have to be equal in position so they could bang against each other to create a sound with the wind.
  • Add two fishing lines to hang the whole piece up in the porch or in an area where you intend to place it. Place one line on the other edge and wind it up several times to secure the connection. Do the same with the other end.
  • You have the option to add some colorful beads to improve the aesthetic effect of your project. You can thread some on your fishing lines. Just be careful not to make it too heavy for it to move freely with the wind. You can also purchase some decorative crafts and glue these on the stick. It will all depend on your creativity and style. Just make sure the keys could still dangle.
  • If you think fishing lines are not available at the moment use other alternatives. You can instead use some colorful lines of yarn, twine or cord. Whichever material you choose, it will not make any difference on your project.

This is a project that could also help you teach kids how to recycle in a fun way. Instead of letting your old keys rust on your cabinets, take them out and make something useful out of them.


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