How To Make a Windmill Power Generator

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Getting a windmill power generator installed at your house can make some miracles on your electricity bills. It gives you an alternative source of power from the usual service provider that can be erratic and can hurt your budget sometimes. Although this may not be able to generate as much electricity as you need, especially with all those appliances and equipment you have, this can at least offer some relief when the wind outside is quite strong and you want to cut costs from your monthly bills. Besides, this can be your small but significant part in minimizing the greenhouse effect produced by power plants.

You do not have to be an electrical engineer to build one. There are many guides and diagrams offered in the Internet and all these are easy to follow. If you build a windmill small enough for your ordinary daily electrical consumption, it will not even cost much, amounting to only as low as $100. Here are some tips, which could be of use.

  1. Unless you are really into technology, you will need a windmill design first. There are many being offered for sale on the Internet so it should not be hard for you to find one. Usually, along with the design, there is an instruction kit included.
  2. Based on the design you got and according to your purpose, as well as the location of the windmill, get the specifications necessary for the windmill blade. There are ready-made blades available in some hardware stores or in shops specializing in windmills. If you think that your dimensions require you have it custom made, then that will require you a trip to a machine fabrication shop.
  3. The next thing that you should consider is the most important part of the entire machine, the windmill turbine. This is the central part of any generator—the mechanism that converts energy into electrical power. However, before buying one, you need to affirm first how many kilowatts you want to generate. You may need the help of an electrician to do the computation for you.
  4. Here is one rule in physics that you should remember in choosing a turbine that complements the blade. The turbine should be able to multiply the mechanical power the windmill is producing. Remember, you are not just letting the wind pump power this time. You are letting a generator run. Therefore, you should make sure the blades are big enough to suit the turbine. The turbine will do the rest by amplifying it and turning it into electricity.

You have to make sure you have the tools needed to make your windmill power generator. These are usually common tools so you should have these in toolbox already. Do not expect that everything will work well as soon as you connect your generator to your main line. There may be some glitches. This may require you to do some adjustments, which are usually easily done, too.


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