How To Make a Wine Rack Out of Coat Hangers

If you love wine but do not have that much space in your house to buy a good sized wine rack, it is still possible for you to store your wine bottles by creating a wire rack out of wire coat hangers. It may take some elbow grease and a bit of strength to manipulate the wire hangers but pretty soon you will have a wine rack that you can be proud of. It is an ingenuous idea that can help you save money from buying a wine rack and also use the excess coat hangers that come from the cleaners. Below are the steps.

  • Find a location in your house that is away from direct sunlight or heat. It can be inside your kitchen cupboard of the linen closet if you have too much space in there. Measure the space that is available.
  • Build the rack that will hold the hangers first. You need two square pieces of plywood about two centimeters thick. The size of the square will depend on the area where you will place the rack. Measure a 3.5 centimeter thick round wooden dowel or clothes rail to size.
    Attach a wooden clothes rail socket on one piece of plywood and another on the other piece. Attach the wooden clothes rail/dowel into place. Use wood screws from outside the plywood and drill it through the socket and into the clothes rail. Make notches on the top side of the clothes rail to prevent the wire rack from moving. The notches for one wine rack should be 2.5 centimeters apart. Attach the assembled clothes rack onto the space you have identified.
  • Add the coat hangers. Get the coat hangers and your wine bottles. You have to fit each wire rack individually on the circumference of each wine bottle. The hook part of the hanger will be used to hold the neck of the wine bottle and the body of the hanger will go over the clothes rail and hold the bottom of the bottle. The wine bottles will be held at an angle with the neck pointing downwards.
    Hold the horizontal or bottom part of the hanger in the middle and pull to straighten the wire. Measure the length of the straightened portion from the top of the twisted part to the hanger to the other end. Mark the places on the straightened portion when you divide the length into three parts.
    The hanger should be straight from the twisted part of the hanger to the first mark. From the first mark bend the wire hanger to about 45 degrees outward. Use needle nose pliers to help you bend the wire hanger nicely. From the second point mark, bend the hanger backward and straight out. Bend the hook part of the hanger at right angles to twisted part. The hook should be bent right or left, with the open part of the hook facing upward. Looking at the hanger from the side, the outline will look like a kneeling person.
    Go back to the first mark and separate the two wires to 2.5 centimeters apart. This is the part that will go over the clothes rail.
  • Add the wine bottles. Insert the bottom of the wine bottle into the section between points two and three. Spread it apart and let the bottle rest in the middle of the wire. Now bend the wire to enclose the bottom of the wine bottle in a half circle working both sides. Continue to bend until the circle is about three-fourths around the bottle.
    Remove the wine bottle and straighten the other parts of the coat hanger. Sling the coat hanger over the clothes rail and adjust the bend on point one until the two parts of the hanger hugs the clothes rail better. Adjust the distance so these parts of the wire hanger rest on the notches that you made earlier.

Slip the bottom of the bottle to the back portion and the neck to the bent hook and test it for balance. Adjust the wire rack as needed. Congratulations on creating your first wire rack from a coat hanger.


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