How To Make a Wooden Spice Rack

Spices turn meals into great meals. If you enjoy experimenting with various spices, chances are you have a huge collection of bottles of spices in your kitchen. While you might be able to whip up great meals, keeping your kitchen organized will pose a challenge. Bottles of spices scattered in your kitchen will even confuse you. Having a wooden spice rack, built to your specific needs will help you organize your spice collection.

Finding a spice rack that will suit your exact needs is also challenging. Some spice racks are either too deep or too shallow to hold the bottles. Some spice racks have either too many or too few slots to hold bottles. Making your own spice rack is an easier task than finding one.

Before you start making your spice rack, decide on the area where you will be mounting it. Once you've decided, follow these steps:

  • Check out the local stores for readily available spice racks. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the designs and decide on which one you’d like to copy. You can also check out various designs that are available in the Internet.
  • Once you have the design in mind, sketch it out on a paper, including the dimensions. You can consider making tiered spice rack with different base widths to hold different sizes of bottles. 
  • Gather the materials that you'll need: Wood that is 1 3/8 inch by 1 7/8 inch, plywood, measuring tape or ruler, table saw, sandpaper, hammer and nails. Maple wood is best for this project. 
  • Use the plywood for the base of your spice rack. Use a pencil to mark the plywood on where to cut. Measure using your ruler or measuring tape; check your design for the proper measurement. 
  • To get the appropriate measurement, gather your spice bottles and group them together according to how you want them to appear. You can use the bottle size as reference. If you have decided on the grouping, get the biggest bottle among the group and place it on top of the uncut plywood. 
  • Give about a half-inch allowance then line the sides of the bottle. This is where you will be sawing. As for the length of the base, measure how many bottles you will be placing in each row, and then give a little allowance. Make sure you consider the size of the wall where you will mount the spice rack. 
  • Saw the wood in the size of the frame that you will need. Make a frame-like structure and a backing for your spice rack. Use the hammer to nail the wood in place. Make the thickness of your wood the same as the largest plank of plywood that you will use for your base.

After you have nailed all the sides, your wooden spice rack is ready. You can use a polyurethane paint to coat the rack. Apply three coats, letting it dry in between coats. Attach a strong cable if you wish to hang it with a wire. Alternatively, you can drill a hole at the top portion of the spice rack to hang it on a nail.


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