How To Make a Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

Image of wooden planter
A wheelbarrow is a popular device used for carrying loads in gardens and construction sites. They are allegedly invented by the Chinese centuries ago and have been most useful in the olden times, as it is cheap and easy to construct. A typical wheelbarrow is propelled by one person and usually has a single wheel. The weight of the load is evenly distributed between the device and the person propelling it. The bulkier the load, the harder it is for the person to go the distance. The usual load capacity is approximately 6 cubic feet or 170 liters of varying materials. Wheelbarrows with one wheel are easier to maneuver but a bit tricky when it comes to stability, while the two-wheel type is more stable.

When you own a front yard or a garden for plants and flowers, it is always best to have a wooden wheelbarrow. Ready-to-use wooden wheelbarrows usually cost a lot in home improvement or stores that sell gardening needs. However, it is actually possible to make one by yourself, at the comfort of your home with markedly little spending.

Here is how to do it:

  • Handles first. Obtain two pieces of 30-inch long wooden bars that will be used as handles regardless of the shape. It is up to you if you want it to be rectangular, square or round. Measure about 2 inches from the bottom end of the handle and mark the spot. Drill a hole in the spot. This is where you will insert your galvanized bolt.
  • Wheel of the barrow. Obtain a thick piece of wood from the store. Request the store to cut a round piece with minimum diameter size of 10 inches. Some stores do this for free, others for a small fee. Take advantage of stores that offer this service, as it is very difficult to cut a circular wooden slab. Drill a hole in the middle of the wheel. If there are no thick pieces of wood available, consider putting together two pieces together before drilling. Alternatively, you may also use an actual wheel, as it may be cheaper, more dependable and aesthetically nicer.
  • Body of the wheelbarrow. Purchase a 16 by 18 inches board and use this as the base of the wheelbarrow. Put this on top of the wheel and arm piece. Use screws to attach these together. Then chop 2 pieces of 2x4 boards to 16 inches and 18 inches respectively.
  • Assemble together. Connect the handles to the wheel until it forms a V shape. Fasten the boards to the edge of the base of the wheelbarrow using screws. Do not forget to use sandpaper to smooth the edges.
  • Beautify. Finally, paint the wheelbarrow with your color of choice. If it will be used outdoors, it is best to use a weatherproof coating to protect and ensure the integrity of the wheelbarrow.

Now, you may finally enjoy your wooden wheelbarrow. Make sure to clean it always after using and keep it in a safe, dry place to lengthen its lifespan and ensure its functionality.


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