How To Make a Workout Bench

When people think about working out, one of the first things that pops to mind is the gym. In reality, however, you can assemble your own ‘gym’ and work out for free at home using materials that are readily available. Before anything else, however, you will need to have a workout bench at home that will allow you to lift weights comfortably and safely. Here’s how you can make one at home.

  1. 6 x 2 inch board. You will need to wooden boards that are six by two inches in size. Take these two and place them on the floor side by side.
  2. 2 x 4 inch boards. Once the first boards have been laid out, you will need seven pieces of 2 by four inch boards, each of which should measure at eleven inches each. Take one of the seven pieces of board and arrange it so that it is between the two larger boards .this board will act to keep the two boards in place once the 2 x 4 inch panel has been nailed in place onto the two boards.
  3. Making the crossbeam. Next, you will need to hammer a nail into the two by four inch boards that will form a crossbeam over the larger boards on the bottom. keep in mind that you will not only put your body’s weight on the workout bench, but also the actual weights that you will use for body building, which is why the cross beam should be very secure. You can do this by using four nails that are fixed into place using screwdriver drill tips. The four nails should be evenly spaced out and positioned across the 2 by 4 inch boards.
  4. Adding the legs. Next, you will need to create legs for the bench. This can be done by taking four of the 2 x 4 inch boards which remain. These four should be screwed onto the longer panels which measure 6 x 2 inches. Screw these into place in a vertical position so that the workout bench will gain enough height.
  5. Stabilizing the workout bench. Finally, you can add more stability for the workout bench by taking the last 2 x 4 panel pieces and using these inside the bench legs. Screw these into place so that it will act as a support for the weight that the legs will carry from the crossbeam.
  6. Adding foam. Finally, take some foam and some strong canvas or other tough fabrics. The foam should be cut according to the dimensions of the surface of the workout bench. Secure this in place using the cloth which should fully cover the foam and the edges of which should be nailed under the workout bench. Apart from the tough cloths, you can also use sheets of soft plastic, which will keep the foam dry if you use the workout bench a lot.

Using only wood panels, foam, and some covering, you can create your own workout bench at home. Stock up on weights, and you will have your own health center at home.


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