How To Make Acid Stain for Concrete

Putting acid stain on your concrete floors will enable you to have a decorative flooring. You can even have your own design made on your floors by using a stencil when applying the acid stain. Acid stain can also be used for sidewalks. You can achieve different looks for your floor, such as marbled or metallic floors. After putting acid stain on your concrete, you will end up with a flooring that has different shades. You will surely wow your guests by having acid stained floors.

It is easy to make the acid stain used to achieve this type of look. All you need are a few items. You may already even have some of the items needed to do this mixture. Here are the steps on how you can make your own acid stain at home:

  1. Materials and ingredients. Gather all the ingredients that you need for the acid stain. You will be needing hydrochloric acid, manganese, potassium dichromate, copper sulfate, iron sulphate, a large container, brush or sprayer, gloves, nose mask, safety goggles, cleaner and water. If you do not have some of these items, you can find them at your local hardware store.
  2. Prepare the flooring. Before starting, make sure that the concrete flooring where you are going to use the acid stain is clean. To make sure, sweep the floor with a broom and get rid of the dirt and small debris. Afterwards, get a mop and wet it with water. Squeeze the excess water from the mop and mop the floors. This will get rid of the dirt and dust on the floor. While you are waiting for the floor to dry, you can proceed with the next step.
  3. Determine color. Determine the color that you want for your concrete flooring. It will help if you have pieces of concrete so that you can test the mixture first before applying it on the flooring itself. You can mix the hydrochloric acid with the different sulphates that you have to get different colors. The amount of the sulphate added to the acid will change the color so carefully add the sulphate until you get the color that you want.
  4. Stain the concrete. When you have achieved the color that you want, you can already start applying the stain on the concrete. Remember to wear your safety goggles and gloves when you do this. If you are going to stain the entire flooring, it is best to use a sprayer. Pour your acid stain mixture in the sprayer and apply it evenly on your concrete floors.
  5. Dry the flooring. After applying the acid stain, let it completely dry. It will help if you open the windows or put fans to speed up the drying process. If you do not end up with the color that you like, you can always reapply acid stain on your floors.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own acid stain mixture for concrete. You can also use stencils when applying the acid stain so that you can come up with different designs on your floor. If you use this technique, it is best if you use a brush instead of a sprayer.


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