How To Make an Artistic Food Tray

Making an artistic food tray can be a fun yet practical way of expressing your creativity. It can be a best homemade gift to friend or a loved one. You can do this as a recycling project for your home. An artistic food tray could be a decorative kitchen piece that will give fancy to your kitchen. It a great use when serving food to your guests. A personalize artistic tray can attract attention especially when you are holding parties or events at home. Here is a sample of an artistic food tray you can to do at home.

  • Prepare the necessary materials. For this project, you will need the following: a pencil, paintbrush, acrylic paint, knob, water sealant spray and wooden food tray.
  • Know how to apply the base paint. Spray the paint all over the tray covering the whole part as a base paint for it. Then wait until it dries. Putting a base paint will give a brilliant color as you apply the second layer of paint or as you paint it as a design.
  • Apply your design. Use a pencil to start sketching your design into the tray. Draw carefully your perspective idea into it. In this case, you may use stencil or pattern to create the concept or you can simply apply your drawing skills by doing a freehand sketching over the tray.
  • Paint your tray. It is advised to run a light color of paint as you outline your drawings on the tray. You can mix yellow and white paint for your guidelines. After finishing the outline you can now apply your actual desired color for the drawings. It is now easier to apply the actual colors since you already have guidelines to follow. This technique avoids you from making mistakes in your painting over the tray.
  • Add shading. To create a beautiful texture into your paintings you can mix color on the paint palette then apply it to your drawings. Add extra shades to give texture and make the image livelier. Just use your creativity in painting until you are satisfied with the outcome. You can also double coat the paint you applied if necessary.
  • Add the designs. You are almost done. Now you can do some touch-ups to furnish it. If you want you can add some beads or anything you would want to stick on top or on the sides of the tray. Use decorative materials that are water resistant for this purpose.
  • Make it water resistant. Wait until all the paint that you apply has dried. Then you will have to cover it with varnish or you can rather spray it with water sealer to provide resistance from water as you use it. This way you can protect and preserve the beauty of the tray you made. Then put the knob under the tray to make it stand and give elevation for your tray.

Finishing your tray will give a new look and will make it become new again. Doing these kinds of crafts can also be applied in various things that you can find inside your home. This promotes creativity and recycling of unused stuff at home. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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