How To Make an Easy and Effective Bird Deterrent

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Birds generally are a good sight. But not if you catch them munching on your about-to-harvest fruits or defecating and wreaking havoc in your property. Birds, like some animals, can really be a nuisance, which is why bird deterrents have been invented. Thankfully today, there are ample more humane ways of deterring birds. And most of the deterrents you can make yourself. Here are some ideas.

  1. CD visual scare. Birds have natural aversion to anything that is bright and fluttering wildly in the air. Old CDs are handy for this purpose. Tie a length of string to the CDs and hang them on trees. The CDs will glint against the light, scaring the birds away. Hang as many CDs as you want and place them in areas the birds love to hang out in.
  2. Aluminum foil.  You can also use aluminum foil as a visual bird deterrent. Hang bands of aluminum foil on trees and let them sway with the wind. You can also wrap the branches with aluminum foil. Birds will avoid perching on these trees as the aluminum foil causes them visual distress. 
  3. Staring beach ball. Afraid to become an instant meal, birds are always on their guard against predators. If they see large eyes around the corner, birds normally back off, thinking those eyes belong to their predators. Anything that has predator-like eyes, therefore, can be an effective deterrent. A beach ball with eyes can be useful for this. You can paint two big circles on a beach ball and hang it on a tree branch. In place of a beach ball, you can also use aluminum plate or balloon.
  4. Spikes. Though they look harmful, spikes can’t actually hurt the birds. This is because birds will naturally avoid landing on anything with spikes. You can make your own spikes by taking a long piece of wood and putting a strip of nails along the length of it. You can place your spikes on roof and windowsill. 
  5. Slide. You can discourage birds’ landing by placing slippery panels on their favorite spots. You can use PVC panels and brush it with a sticky substance made of petroleum jelly, grease, and glue. Make sure the panels are sticky enough so that when the birds land, they will slip off the panel. Place the panels on the roof, ledges, and anywhere the birds like to land. They will soon avoid these places, thinking it is unsafe for them.
  6. Net. It is a very safe way to get rid of birds. Using fishing lines or nylon, you can make a mesh with which to cover your trees or anything you want to protect from birds. 

Remember that your goal is to shoo the birds away without causing them any harm. So make your bird deterrents as safe as possible. In most states, birds are held protected by laws. And you surely do not want to violate any of these laws just because of your problems with birds.


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