How To Make an Easy Picture Frame Embellishment

You may be bored with looking at the plain picture frames that decorate your house. Or you may want to give somebody an extra special gift that looks one-of-a-kind and won't be mistaken for any of the thousand other items that look just like it. Whatever your reason have, decorating picture frames is a good and oftentimes therapeutic activity that anybody enjoys regardless of artistic predisposition or even financial situation. So if you have a free day ahead of you and you want to use some of the time to do some easy picture frame embellishment, then here's some tips on how to get started.

  1. Determine what materials you like to use. The good thing about picture frame embellishment is that you can use practically any material you like: ribbons, buttons, little pebbles, strings, and the list goes on. Just make sure that you have these basic equipment: the plain, flat picture frame which you will decorate, scissors, and the glue that you will use depending on which materials will decorate the frame (it can be fabric glue, double-sided adhesive tape, or a glue stick and glue gun).
  2. Choose your theme. This is actually in conjunction with tip number 1. To help you determine which materials you like to use, first choose which theme you like. For example, are you making this picture frame for a friend who loves the beach? Then choose an “ocean theme” for the picture frame. You can use blue paint, small seashells and pebbles for this particular theme. If you already have a picture to put in the frame, then opt to plan your design taking the picture into consideration. For example, is the picture of your friend wearing a pink blouse and a yellow hat? Then decorate the picture frame with buttons of different sizes with varying shades of pink, and put in a cute yellow flower on one edge of the frame as an accent.
  3. Plan your pattern. Although you don't have to strictly adhere to a pattern while decorating, it's still a good idea to have at least the basic idea of what you want your picture frame to look like in the end. Remember, you'll be using materials like a hot glue stick attached to a glue gun, and you only have about one or two minutes to adjust decorations before they begin to stick firmly to the frame. It's good if you don't have to constantly readjust your embellishments to make sure that your frame remains as clean as possible. You may browse through the net for possible design ideas. Some tips are the following: You may opt to fill the whole area of the picture frame with designs, or you may just concentrate on the edges. Consider which color combinations are most attractive, and what size your decorations should be depending on the size of the picture frame.
  4. Protect your space. Picture frame embellishment is messy work, so make sure that you layer newspapers over your workspace so your floor won't be damaged by dripping hot glue or paint. Wear old clothes over your normal ones. In addition, make sure that you remove the picture frame's glass first before you work on your frame to make sure that it won't get dirty.

These tips will hopefully make you more prepared for your picture frame embellishment activity. Have fun!


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