How To Make an Evergreen Swag

One of the ways to decorate your house without being too costly with it is to make an evergreen swag. Evergreen swags are made up of evergreen boughs arranged in a bunch and are usually used in decorating window panes, doors, and walls. They are also inexpensive since the materials needed in making one can only be found within the grounds of one’s home. They are easy and fun to make because you can design your own swag according to what you like.

Evergreen swags are also used as an alternative to traditional wreaths. It is good to make one than to buy in stores because you can simply customize and design your own swag. It is also inexpensive because all your materials can be easily found at home.

You may want to give evergreen swags as gifts or you can simply use swags for business. But whatever reasons you may have, making swags surely is one way of being productive and creative at the same time.

Making swags is easy. There is no actually a standard way of doing a swag. But the following steps are guidelines to make an evergreen swag in an easier manner.

Prepare the materials. It is important to know first what materials you will use in making an evergreen swag. Knowing the materials before starting will lessen the time that will be consumed.  It is also important to know what your swag would look like so that you can prepare the materials needed. In making an evergreen swag, you will need an evergreen, scissors, fine gauge wire or sturdy wire, hot glue gun, red ribbons, pine cones, silk flowers, and other decorative materials.

Make a frame. The purpose of the frame is for you to have a foundation for your swag. To make this, simply cut branches from a shrub or a tree. The branches must be 12” to 14” long, depending on the size of your swag. The branches should also be straight. You can also use bamboo as an alternative to these branches. Then, use a wire to create a small, loosen square shape.

Put the greenery at its right place. Place one evergreen on the frame. Make sure that its tip is pointed outward. Put another in the same manner and bind them using a wire. Continue to do this but make sure that the tips of the evergreens are pointed away from the swag. It will create a ray-effect which adds up to the beautification of it.

Decorate. You are now ready to decorate your own swag. You may put a ribbon on the center of the evergreen swag or you can use pine cones instead. Decorate the swag depending on how you wanted it to look. Make sure to attach a wire loop at the back so that you can hang your swag.

There are still other ways of creating swags. This article only mentioned the easiest way to do it. Now, you are ready to create evergreen swags without spending too much. You can even attain the desired look for your swag.


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