How To Make an Indoor Sandbox for Kids

An outdoor sandbox is fun, but it is not always readily available especially when you are not taking in a day at the beach with your kids. You can recreate the experience by means of creating an indoor sandbox for kids. An indoor sandbox is something that is easy to clean, creates a very friendly playing atmosphere, and is relatively safe since it does not involve going to high places or traveling to great lengths. It also fosters you kid's creativity. You can also get involved while your kids play with their indoor sandbox.

Here are the ways of creating an indoor sandbox for kids:

Container. You should choose a container that is both deep, wide and with a tight lid to help you store it properly. The container must be ideally made of rubber or plastic as well. The color of the container may be chosen depending on your home colors or better yet, get a transparent one to make it blend with the rest of your play environment.

Sand and Alternatives. Raw rice, cornmeal, pinto beans are some alternatives to sand. They are also non-toxic so you will not have to worry about having your kids swallow them accidentally. Of course, it is still best to supervise your kids’ playtime activity to prevent those instances. But having alternatives also allows you to maintain the area better and replace it with common household items should you need more material.

Sand Castles. Sand castles can be best done with true sand dampened occasionally during sand castle building. You must have a spacious working area to be able to pull this off. It is also important that you have molders or other containers that can help you shape your sand castles with your kids.

Toys. Toys such as shovels, small round containers and other accessories make the play area more exciting for you and your kids. Add toys that do not stick badly to sand, preferably with plastic material for better cleaning options. Stick to a theme if you can so that there will be harmony with your sandbox toys.

Play Area. The play area must have some form of buffer zone where your kids can roam around and play. It might also help to remove sand sensitive items like carpets on the play area you have designated for the indoor sandbox.

Storage. You can have a portable container to help you store the sandbox accordingly when it is not in use. Some good places can be under the bed, in the closets and on the sides of the house.

Cleaning. Cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners, brooms and wiping materials may also be very useful for you. Keep them at an accessible storage area so that it will be handy in case you need to clean up something quickly.

Make sure that you are able to supervise your kids when they do their indoor sandbox activities. Later on, you can choose to get more spacious play areas so that your kids can have fun with their friends. Replace sand from time to time to ensure that the play materials remain clean.


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