How To Make an Outdoor Mosaic Table

Contrary to popular belief, mosaic objects are not beyond the average homeowner when it comes to projects and furniture that they can build themselves. The attractive yet incredibly complex design of a mosaic table can often intimidate most people, even those who are interested in designing their own décor. This is unfortunate, as the complex design of mosaic is actually just a string of pieces that just happened to fit together—a very clever way of making something incredibly appealing out of one big mess. Of course, the reason why mosaic objects are so attractive is because of the imagination of the make himself, with the different textures one can use (often applied at the same time), and the specific designs you can choose from (such as the actual shape of the mosaic object).

But at its very core, mosaic object are jigsaw puzzles that happen to be very striking, and it is no more difficult a do-it-yourself project than trying to install new floor tiles or drilling in some brackets for your new closet. If you are interested in making something with the mosaic design, then this article will help you with one of the staples of mosaic décor and furniture—the mosaic table. It is, simply put, a table with a mosaic design at the top. This is a great way of getting your feet wet when it comes to the more elaborate projects you can do yourself, as it is both simple and incredibly satisfying at the same time. So if you want to try your hand in making a good looking table, and you are willing to shell out some effort, then continue reading to the step-by-step process below:

  • Before you begin, here is a list of the items and tools you will need. Aside from the obvious (which is a good, sturdy table), you will need some ceramic tiles, a paper bag, a hammer, a thin-set or any other heavy adhesive, some grout, a trowel, damp cloth, some sealant, and a putty knife. Once you are all set, you can continue on to the instructions.
  • Break down the ceramic tiles for your mosaic design. This is where your paper bag and hammer comes in handy. Simply place the tiles you wish to use inside the paper bag, and carefully place your damp cloth around it—afterwards, strike it until the ceramic tiles break into pieces. It is important that you break them into the size you wish to use (which should not be too small, or it will make your job very hard).
  • Design your mosaic table, and glue it in place, using grout to finish the job. The first thing you should do before making any permanent changes is to test out the mosaic design first. Try to fit in the broken pieces on the table (though it doesn’t have to be too snug), and once you have agreed on the design, simply glue the pieces in with the adhesive. Next, use your trowel to spread the grout around the edges of the broken pieces (be careful, be thorough). Once you are finished, simply use your damp cloth to clean out all of the excess grout and use your sealant to keep the mosaic table dry and unexposed.

All you need to do is to wait for the grout to dry and congratulations—you have made yourself an attractive mosaic table.


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