How To Make Appliqued Throw Pillows

One of the ways you can customize your living room and make a mark is by making appliquéd throw pillows. These are pretty easy to make. You just have to let your creativity flow and you will come up with unique throw pillows that will surely impress your guests. You can even give these as gifts to your friends.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own appliquéd throw pillows:

1.    Materials. You will need a bunch of materials to do this project. The materials that you will need are as follows:

  • Appliqué patterns. For this, you can make your own designs or you can also download designs from the Internet. One website you can check out to get patterns from is Here you will find patterns of flowers, animals, basic shapes and many more.
  • Appliqué thread or floss. You can get this from your local craft store. It is important to use this type of thread as it will keep the appliqué sewed on to the throw pillow.
  • Throw pillow covers. You can use the throw pillow covers that you already have or purchase new ones.
  • Appliqué fabric. For this, you can purchase any patterned or plain fabric. Felt, velvet or corduroy are the best choices.

2.    Prepare your materials. Prepare your throw pillow covers. Make sure that they are clean. If you are going to use ones that you already have, remove the pillow from the covers so that you can attach the appliqués easier.

3.    Trace your patterns. The first thing to do is to trace the pattern that you have on the fabric that you are going to use. You can use a pencil or a fabric pencil for this. It will be better if you trace all the patterns that you are going to use first so that you can just attach the appliqués one after the other.

4.    Cut out your patterns. Now, cut out the patterns that you created on the fabrics. Afterwards, lay them on the throw pillow cover just to see how it will look when you sew them on. When you are happy with your design, you can start to sew.

5.    Sew on the appliqués. Sew the appliqués with the appliqué thread or floss. It does not matter if you don’t use the same color of thread as the color of the fabric that you have. This will make the throw pillow more interesting.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own appliquéd throw pillows. After sewing the appliqués on, you can already use the throw pillows. When you get the hang of doing this, you can start adding appliqués to other items that you have, such as your quilts, blankets and even some clothing items. This is a great way to show your creativity. All you need are some basic sewing skills and a lot of imagination. You can search online for some appliqué designs and patterns to get more inspiration.


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