How To Make Bathroom Window Curtains

Making bathroom window curtains is not as difficult as you think. While it may seem intimidating because you have to actually sew them, curtains are one of the easiest sewing projects to embark on. If you would like to create your own bathroom curtains, here are some tips and steps on how to do it.

  • Get your materials. You will naturally be needing a needle and thread for this project. If you have a sewing machine, you may use that too. But hand-sewn curtains are also easy to make. You need a pair of shears, fabric, tape measure and a flat iron.
  • Measure the windows. What you first need to do, before purchasing your fabric, is to measure your bathroom windows. Since these are usually square or rectangular, measuring your windows is fairly easy. Use a tape measure and record the length and width of the window. Then decide on the length of your curtains. It is advisable to over-measure rather than get the exact measurements, since it is easier to shorten curtains than to extend them.
  • Purchase your fabric and thread. Make sure that you choose material that will be suited for your bathroom. Your bathroom window shouldn't be visible from outside so pick fabric that is solid, yet not too heavy. You may layer two kinds of material for your curtains, to give it an airy feel. Take a darker colored fabric and layer a sheer, lighter fabric over it. Make sure that the curtain material's color will look good together with the furnishings and walls of your bathroom. The thread will depend on the fabric you choose. You should make sure that any thread you use will not be visible when you use it to stitch your curtains, so choose a thread color that blends well into the fabric.
  • Decide on designing split curtains. Split curtains are those you can draw open, when you want to let in a bit of light into your room. Split curtains can also be tied with ribbons to give your bathroom a quaint feel.
  • Iron the fabric first. To make sewing easier, you should iron the material first. This allows you to create neat lines in your fabric, and your stitches won't come off as crooked. If you prefer, you may also pre-wash your fabric before beginning, so you will determine if it will shrink or not. Pre-washing is optional, but ironing is very much needed for neater lines.
  • Layout the fabric. Use a flat surface to measure out the material. Make sure that you leave a seam of 1 inch at the bottom, 2 inches seam allowance for each side and a two-inch slot at the top where you will insert the rod. If you would like to add a lot of ruffles on the top, you can add more inches to the width of your curtains.
  • Sew the hem and seams. To make your hems neater, iron the hem before sewing them. Use simple but neat stitches to do this. If you have a sewing machine, you can do this quicker and in a more uniform manner. After you are done with the hems, sew the slots where the curtain rods will be inserted. You can decide on how large you want to ruffles to be but the standard measurement is about 2 inches. Now sew the top most part of the curtains. This is where your rod will go through. Measure the curtain rod and leave enough space for it to go through easily.

You are now done with your bathroom curtains. You can mix and match curtain prints and colors when you feel like it. Depending on the season, you can change the colors or the fabric to suit it better.


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