How To Make Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are great for keeping light out of a room. For people who work during the night and have to get their sleep during the day, it is very important for the drapes to be able to have a room darkening effect. These types of curtains should be very easy to find in home supply stores. Some of the stores may have a special deal for the installation of the rods and curtains.

Doing it yourself is also quite a good option, if you’re fond of doing DIY projects. Here’s how to make blackout curtains.

  1. Measure your window’s dimensions. Use a measuring tape to accurately get the width and the length of the part you want covered. The dimensions of the curtain and the curtain rod should be slightly bigger than the opening of the window.
  2. The main idea of making blackout curtains is to make drapes out of a fabric that is very heavy. Obviously, materials that are light and sheer like silk and satin would not really hold up against the bright rays of the sun. You should go for heavy fabrics that can really block out light from the outside. Cotton can be a good choice. It’s very affordable and can be readily available from any fabric store. Wool can also be used for this project. As long as the thread count is very high–meaning more thread is used per square inch-the fabric would be appropriate for a blackout curtain. Try shining a flashlight behind the fabric to see if it blocks off the light effectively.
  3. Get the other supplies that you would need for the blackout curtains. Get a type of thread and needle that could work well with the fabric you chosen.  Know the specifications of your sewing machine at home and try to get a set of pins, tailor’s chalk, scissors and other sewing supplies. You should also buy a curtain rod or dowel rod from a drapes store or hardware shop of your choice. They should also have a good stock of hooks for your project.
  4. Using your measurements, start measuring and cutting the fabric you’ve chosen. Make sure that you leave enough allowance for seam work and upper fold at the top of the curtain to be hung from the curtain rod. Put the pieces together by sewing them with the help of a machine. To make sure that the fabric blocks out the sun, try doubling the fabric and stitch it again.
  5. Install the hooks at the middle and sides of the window. Make sure that they are along a straight line above the window frame.
  6. String the curtain with the curtain rod and hang it from the hooks.

You now have your very own set of black out curtains. Blackout curtains are great for maintaining your privacy at any time during the day. These are also especially great if you need total darkness, such in your home theatre, or when you’re in those places in the world where the sun stays on the sky all day, especially in summertime.


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