How To Make Bob Hunt's Trademark Birdhouse

After assembling and designing your birdhouse, don’t you want to put something on it that will kind of indicate your ownership? Consider having a trademark sign. Aside from the birdhouse’s paint colors, design, and construction patterns, this trademark sign will tell the entire world that the birdhouse is yours and that you made it yourself. By following the instructions below, learn how to do the trademark sign Bob Hunt’s way. Bob Hunt, by the way, is an expert birdhouse maker.

  • Get a piece of wood scrap. You need a small piece of wood for this. Get a wood scrap that is around ½-inch thick and from which you can cut a 1 x 1 ½” piece of wood. Run it under the saw, forming a shape of a mini birdhouse with the said dimension. The shape does not necessarily have to be entirely perfect, but it should at least resemble a birdhouse.
  • Drill two holes. You need two holes on the trademark birdhouse. The holes should be small enough to insert a dowel and a screw. When you already have drilled two holes, get a tiny piece of dowel and put it in the top hole. Cut the dowel so only a small length is sticking out. This is a miniature perching branch. Next, get a small black screw and insert it through the bottom hole.
  • Find a perfect spot for your trademark birdhouse. You can attach it at the back either on top right or top left portion. Or you can put it on the bottom right portion or bottom left portion. You can also attach it on the roof. If you want people to see it, then put the trademark anywhere on the front side of the birdhouse.
  • Attach the trademark birdhouse. When you already have a perfect spot for it, begin to screw the trademark birdhouse in place. First, brush a thin amount of glue on its back. Then, glue it onto its spot. After this, drive the screw you earlier stuck in the bottom hole. Make sure the trademark birdhouse is tightly held in place.
  • Add a finishing touch to your trademark birdhouse. You can paint your trademark birdhouse or burn it. Best to use one method for all of your trademark birdhouses. If you choose to paint one in red, then all trademark birdhouses must be in red as well. Of course, you need to use a color that is different from the color you used for the birdhouse itself. If you choose to burn one trademark birdhouse, make sure to burn all the others.

Aside from a mini birdhouse, you can make use of other trademark designs or logos for all your birdhouses. For example, you can cut the first letter of your name out of a wood scrap. This is applicable if the letter has a less complicated shape like I, L, D, and T. You can also form a beak or bird wing. Explore other possibilities. Let your craftsmanship and creativity take over.


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