How To Make Bunk Bed Tents

For many parents, the bunk bed is the solution for young children who are too young to have a room of their own, and too old to sleep near the parents. Because the bunk bed can house two kids with minimal space requirements, it is also ideal for small homes such as in apartments and in the city. One of the ways to transform the bunk bed into something fun and exciting is by making bunk bed tents. Here are the steps.

  1. Measure. Measure the bunk bed. Measure the bottom bunk separately, including the height, length, and width. Measure the top bunk including the height, with the ceiling as the top of the upper bunk.
  2. Cut the fabric. You will need heavy fabrics similar to those used in tents. Cut these into panels that will fit the upper and lower bunk beds. As much as possible, make separate panels for the upper bunk and the lower bunk. This will make the sheets easier to clean once they have become soiled. You can add at least one window for the upper bunk and one window for the lower bunk. Do not completely cut off the squares however. Instead, attach a small button so that your kids can leave the window open to let light in.
  3. Add panels for the bottom bunk. Stitch Velcro strips into the corners of the panels. This is the easiest way to attach the tent. Keep in mind that you want something that is easy to assemble and easy to disassemble just like a real tent. The Velcro strips are the way to do this. Once the strips are in place, simple attach the four panels for the bottom part of the bunk. Screw on small hooks on the corners of the top of the lower bunk bed which will hold the upper edges of the panels in place.
  4. Add the curtain rods, tent roof, and panels for the upper bunk. Before you can assemble the top bunk’s panels, you will need to attach brackets on the ceiling .these brackets will hold the curtain rod where you will drape the roof of the tent. Once the curtain rods are in place, take the fabric and attach it over the rod.  Create four smaller panels that are attached by small hooks and Velcro into the sides of the upper bunk. Instead of large panels that reach the wall, however, the panels on the top bunk are smaller and are connected to the tent roof.
  5. Add doors and accents. You can easily add doors on the bunk bed tent by stitching in small fabric patches that will act as handles. Since the walls are attached by Velcro strips, the entire panel can be used as doors. For the accents, you can purchase bed and pillow covers that match the fabrics that are used for the bunk beds panels and roof.

Stir your kids’ imagination with a bunk bed tent. Easy to make and easy to clean up, the bunk bed tent is a great idea for kids who are in love with nature and the great outdoors.


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