How To Make Chair Sashes

Chair sashes add a wonderful drama to your chairs. Guests can appreciate the delicate beauty that chair sashes provide to an event. You commonly see chair sashes on wedding chairs at the ceremony or the reception. Chair sashes are also used on chairs for large parties or even intimate tête-à-tête.

One advantage of using chair sashes is that these can be reused unlike fresh flowers. You can opt for a basic neutral color for the sash and simply accessorize or update it depending on the theme of the event.

Material for sashes

Traditionally, chair sashes are made using tulle. This readily available fabric is best described as very fine netting that can be made of different kinds of fiber. Rayon, nylon and silk are often used for tulle. Tulle comes in an array of colors. You can also dye tulle in any color you wish. Because tulle is lightweight, it is often starched.

But tulle is not your only option. You can choose other fabrics as well. Wide 4” – 6” ribbons are also widely used.

Making a chair sash

Before you start making your sash, you should have an idea how many sashes you will need and how long each sash has to be. This way you can purchase the right yardage of fabric or ribbon.

  • Step 1 Gather your materials. You will need your fabric or ribbon, measuring tape, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine.
  • Step 2 Prepare the fabric. If you are using tulle or ribbon, cut a 12 by 36 inch piece sash (or longer depending on the size of the chairs). The number of sashes you end up with should be the same number as the chairs. If you are using a different type of fabric, each piece should be about 15 x 39 inches long. The extra fabric is for the hem.
  • Step 3 Sew the hems. This step is only done if you are using a fabric that needs to be hemmed. If you are using tulle or ribbon, proceed to the next step. Some fabrics easily get frayed. Sewing a hem on the sides protects the sash from unraveling. Plus it makes the sash look neater. Work on one side first. Fold 1 ½” from one side to make a hem and sew this side. It is easier to use a sewing machine for making the hem. Continue with the other three sides.
  • Step 4 Attach the sash to the chair. With each hand holding one end of the sash, wrap the sash around the chair. The ends should be at the back of the chair. Make a simple knot then tie a bow (just like when you tie your shoelace). Your chair now has a chair sash.

Tip: You can also add embellishments and other decorative materials to the sash. Fresh or silk flowers and foliage are a wonderful addition. Attach beads, pearls or faux gems with a glue gun. But do keep the embellishments to a tasteful level.

Making a chair sash is as easy as 1-2-3. When you use tulle or a wide ribbon, you’ll be finished in no time because all you basically need to do is measure, cut and put on the sash. But, you can make your chair sashes more elegant, delicate or surreal by adding decorative elements that go with the theme of the event. Dress up your chairs with chair sashes for that added drama to your next get together.


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