How To Make Coffee Ground Tea for Plants

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Coffee grounds are one of the things that you can add to your soil as fertilizer. The coffee grounds will help in making your plants and flowers grow. Not only that, you will eliminate the need for throwing away your coffee grounds and filters. This is a way to help the environment and also enhance the soil where your plants grow. Making coffee ground tea for plants is not that hard. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and you can use the coffee grounds for your soil!

Here are the simple steps on how you can make coffee ground tea for plants:

  1. Materials. Prepare the materials that you will use for the coffee ground tea. You will need your used coffee grounds, water and a pitcher. For the coffee grounds, you can choose to use them with or without the coffee filter.
  2. Preparation of the coffee ground tea. Place the coffee grounds with the coffee filter inside your pitcher and then add water to the pitcher. You have to use room temperature water for this. Allow the mixture of the water and the coffee grounds to set for at least twenty minutes or so. This will dilute the coffee grounds that you have in the pitcher. Allow the mixture to settle for another day. After a day, add tap water to the mixture.
  3. Using the coffee ground tea. When you are ready to use the coffee ground tea, just pour the mixture on the soil of your plants. This works best for plants that love acid. Some examples of these plants are some vegetables, roses, evergreens and blueberries.
  4. Alternative. You can also use coffee grounds directly on the soil of your plants. Gather your coffee grounds and sprinkle them on the soil of your potted plants or directly on your garden. It is better if you dry the coffee grounds first but it will work just as well if you do not have time to dry them. Afterwards, you can water the areas where you put the coffee grounds.

These are the simple steps on how you can make coffee ground tea for plants. By doing this, you won’t need as much fertilizer, as the coffee grounds do the job. This method is best for some plants but they work well with grasses. Aside from this, coffee grounds on your lawn can also help keep pesky cats away from your garden.

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