How To Make Concrete Flower Pots

Garden enthusiasts and house owners have so many choices to improve the beauty of their gardens. Many invest in planting flower beds, installing bird baths and fountains, or laying down garden paths. The simplest and more inexpensive feature that one should consider using in their gardens is homemade flower pots. Putting pots filled with fragrant and vibrant plants in appropriate places can considerably improve the look of any garden or yard.

Additionally, concrete flower pots provide a durable base and protection for your shrubs, trees, and flowering plants.

While flower pots can be bought from any and every gardening supplies store, you can save more money and create a more personalized look by making your own. This guide will help you make attractive yet practical flower pots out of concrete for your yard.

  • Make the mold for your flower pots. To create a mold for your pots, you can use two containers that have the same shape, one being smaller than the other. You can use plastic buckets, bowls, or any other sturdy container. You can also make your own mold using a thin sheet of plywood. Make sure that the walls of the smaller wooden box measure at least an inch smaller than the walls of the other box. Cut the walls using a saw and put the boxes together using nails, wood screws, or wood glue. Let the glue dry completely before proceeding to the next steps. Spray the inner walls of the outer mold as well as the outer walls of the inner mold with cooking spray. You can also use a paint brush and coat the walls with wax or cooking oil. By doing this, the pots that you will make will easily slide out of the molds.
  • Mix the concrete. Before touching the concrete mix, don’t forget to put on protective gloves. This will prevent your skin from getting burned due to the chemicals in your cement.  Pour sand, cement, and gravel into a bucket. Check the cement manufacturer’s instructions with regards to the ratio. If you wish to use concrete dye on your pots, add this to the mixture as well. Gradually add water into the cement mixture and stir it using a trowel. Continue adding water until the concrete mix achieves the thickness of cake batter.    
  • Make the pots. Pour the concrete mix into the larger mold, filling it halfway. Place the smaller mold on top of the mixture making sure that the mold is centered. Push it down until the bottom of the smaller mold is about an inch away from the bottom of the outer mold. Continue filling the gap between the two molds until you reach the top. Should the cement mixture overflow, just wipe the sides of your molds. Tap the walls of the molds to dislodge air bubbles that could be trapped in the mix. Smooth the surface of the cement before leaving it to set for about twenty-four hours. After a day, remove the inner container and spray the hardened cement with water. Cover the pot and outer mold with plastic to help keep the moisture in. Keep the pot damp under the sheet for another seven days. Turn the outer container over and allow the pot to slip out. You may now use the molds to make more concrete flower pots.

To create dramatic patterns on your flower pots, arrange shells, twigs, broken tiles, or glass beads on the side of your outer mold. Carefully pour a small amount of concrete mix on the design, taking care not to dislodge the small pieces. Once the cement has set, you may continue making the flower pot.


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