How To Make Concrete Letter Stamps

Wanting to make your concrete a little more festive? Wanting to put your family name on your steps or walkway? Well here's the way to do it. Concrete letter stamps have come a long way from ordinary concrete. You need to be talented with how to sculpt and also have a few supplies on hand. Make sure that you keep your wits about you and practice patience because if this is your first time, it may take a couple tries to perfect it.

Choose the letter and font style you want to use, it's important to make sure your font style is not too complicated, or have lots of patience. Make a copy of the size you want your stamp to be, and print it out on a piece of see through paper. If it won't fit on a piece of paper, then try to draw it out exactly the way it should be. Once you have the print, put it on a piece of hard wood. Tape it and then begin to trace the letter, cutting a little bit into the wood so that you can see the outline. Once you've got your trace done, use a pencil and touch up the outlines. This will then be the reverse of your letter.

Now that you have your basic outline done, you will want to cut outside your lines do not cut on the inside. Make sure you use an even stroke so you don't cut the wood in the wrong area. If you have a few hard to reach areas don't try to cut them out just leave them, you can remove them later with a little elbow grease and some sandpaper. Once you have the letter cut out, you will want to use a sander or sandpaper and remove all the pencil lines as well as the sharp edges. Make sure it is smooth and well toned, you don't want your concrete to end up messed up because you missed an edge.

Now that you have your stamp, you can lay your concrete and place your stamp in strategic places on the concrete.  Make sure you apply even pressure to the stamp so you don’t end up with uneven stamping.  Take your time and work slow, making sure it is done right the first time will go a long way to making your concrete look professionally done. Once you have your stamp finished in the concrete, sit back and let it dry and then you can view your masterpiece for the rest of your life.


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