How To Make Crystal Centerpieces

Having crystal centerpieces is one thing that you can do to make your home more elegant. This can also be used for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. It is really easy to make these crystal centerpieces. You can make use of the crystal pieces that you already have at home. Find out how to do this by following the simple tips that are listed below.

  • Gather the materials that you need. You need a lot of crystal pieces to make a centerpiece. It does not matter what type of crystal pieces you use. You can use mirrors, candlesticks, vases, etc. Scour your home for some crystal pieces that you no longer use. If you cannot find some at home, check out your local thrift stores and discount shops to find crystal pieces at cheap prices. You can also prepare tea light candles, fresh flowers and colored marbles.
  • Crystal vase. If you have a crystal vase, what you can do for the center pieces is to fill the vase with some colored marbles and set it at the center of the table. You can also add fresh flowers to the vase to make it more interesting. If you need the centerpiece for dinner, get some floating candles. Fill your wide mouthed crystal vase halfway with water and add a few floating candles on top. This is a good centerpiece to use for garden parties and elegant dinners.
  • Crystal champagne glasses. If you have some crystal champagne glasses, you can also use them as a centerpiece. Prepare a mirror tile and set it at the center of your table. Use glue to mount the champagne glasses onto the mirror tile. You have to do this so that the champagne glasses will not easily tip over. Add some colored marbles inside the glasses or you can also have some flower arrangement at the base of the champagne stems. This is good to use during wedding receptions or dinner parties.
  • Crystal tree branch. A tree branch is a good centerpiece if you have a big table. For this, you need a large and tall crystal vase. Gather some twigs or branches that can fit inside the vase. To make the centerpiece more elegant, paint the tree branch in white. Place it in the vase at the center of the table and add some ornaments. You can add tassels or other decorative pieces to hang on the branches. You can also use Christmas lights to hang on the tree branch. This is a good centerpiece to have during holidays such as Christmas or birthdays.

These are some of the ideas that you can use if you want to have crystal centerpieces on your table. You can do many other types of crystal centerpieces. Just use your imagination. Combine different elements such as crystal and wood or metal and crystal to have some variety in the design. Your guests will surely be impressed on how elegant your centerpieces are without breaking your budget.


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