How To Make Curtain Panels at Home

Designing your own home is one thing you can do to show your personal touch. You don’t always have to purchase ready-made materials or hire a designer to do the job for you. One simple thing that you can do is to make curtain panels for your windows at home. This is an activity that can be fun for you to do.

Here are the steps on how you can make curtain panels at home:

  1. Materials. For this activity, you will need thread, iron, sewing machine, ruler, scissors and fabric. You can purchase the materials that you will need from a local craft store in your area. You can purchase a lot of different fabrics at once so that you can make different curtain panels.
  2. Measure the windows. The first step is to measure the windows where you are going to use the panels for. Measure the windows in their exact height so that you can end up with the base measurement. If you want some adjustments and extensions, you can just adjust the fabric that you are going to use.
  3. Cut the fabric. The next step is to cut the fabric according to the measurements that you are going to use. For the panel’s sides, add at least an inch of allowance to the measurement that you took. For the top and bottom, you can add at least four inches.
  4. Making the curtain panels. Sew in the allowance for the fabric to make a hem. You can iron the allowance first so that it will be easier for you to sew them in. Sew in all the allowances. You can either do this by hand or by sewing machine but you will be able to save time when you do it by sewing machine.
  5. Inserting the curtain rod. ‘The next step is to insert the curtain rod in the spot where you sewed in the allowance at the top of the curtain. All you have to do is to get the curtain rod and stick it inside the hole that you made. Now you have your very own curtain panels at home!

These are the very easy steps on how you can make curtain panels for your windows at home. The process is easy! You can do this with all the rooms in your house. You can add a personal touch by purchasing plain fabric and using fabric paint to make some designs on them. This is a good way to make your mark in your own home.

Curtain panels are not the only things in your house that you can do by yourself. Other crafts that you can do to enhance the decorations in your house are cushion covers, pillowcases, oven mitts, aprons and many more. All you have to have are some basic sewing skills and some fabric that will tie up the theme of your sewed items to your house. This is a cheap way of decorating your house by using your own skills. 


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