How To Make Curtains for a Stained Glass Picture Window

A stained glass window gives your home a nice look since the colors provide a wonderful look when the sun hits the window. However, just like any window, you must have curtains over your stained glass window since the sun can be really hot in the midday. A curtain is also useful if you want to keep your privacy. It is really easy to make your own curtains for your stained glass window. Just follow the steps that are provided below.

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for making the curtains are fabric, measuring tape, a curtain rod, pencil, scissors, curtain ties and your sewing machine. Choose a fabric that will go well with the theme of your home.
  • Measure the window. Get your measuring tape and measure the size of the window. You have to take note of the height and width of the window. Take down the measurements on a piece of paper.
  • Buying material and curtain rod. When you purchase the curtain rod and fabric that you will use, you must already have the measurements for your window. Buy the curtain rod with the same measurement as the width or a bit longer. For the fabric, there are some things that you have to consider. You can use light and sheer fabric so that the stained glass window can still be seen. You can also use thicker and darker material if you want to prevent sunlight from coming in. Don’t forget to buy the curtain ties so that you can open the curtains when you want to.
  • Cut the fabric. Now you can cut the fabric for your stained glass window. When you do this, work on a wide and flat surface so that you can spread the fabric and cut easily. Measure the length and width of your curtain but make sure to add about an inch of allowance for sewing. For the top portion of the fabric, make some slits where you can insert the curtain rod. Make two pieces of the same measurement. You need two pieces so that you can gather the curtains at the sides when you are not using it.
  • Sew the curtains. Now you can sew the curtains. Fold the lower end of the fabric and sew it so that the material does not fray. Do this all around the curtain.
  • Mount the curtains. Insert the curtain rod through the slits that you made on the curtain. Afterward, mount the curtain rod on top of your stained glass picture window. Now you have a curtain that can keep your privacy and prevent the harsh rays of the sun to enter your home. When you do not want to use the curtains, just gather each curtain to the side and tie it with the curtain ties.

Now you know how to make curtains for your stained glass picture window. You can make several curtains in different fabrics to have some variety. Just remember to use fabrics that will go well with the colors in your home.


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