How To Make Deer Repellant

Do deer take control of your garden each time you are not around? Are your carnations and cherry blossoms becoming the snack of choice for the animal population near your home? Deer fencing is one of the options that you can choose, but if you want to maintain the presence of deer near your home without letting go of your garden or orchard, make your own deer repellant.

Prepare the ingredients. Homemade deer repellant is inexpensive and can be made using items that are readily available at home. You will need to have a tablespoon of hot chili, a tablespoon liquid soap, some hair clippings, four eggs, a cup of milk, and four tablespoons of cooking oil. Some will only use the egg white, but you can also add the yolk and the egg shells. Crack the egg shells to a fine powder. Other ingredients that can be added are garlic bulbs that have been crushed and diced, and onions.

Mix the ingredients.  Mix all of the ingredients in a blender. Turn the blender on and then use the pulse settings to liquefy the ingredients. Do this for several minutes, until the mixture has become very fine. You can add more ingredients if you are covering a larger lawn or garden, but be sure not to make more than you will use during any given period of time. The ingredients will spoil quickly, and are meant to be used immediately.

Place in a container and let it ferment under the sun. After running the ingredients in the blender, place the liquid into a small flat dish. Place the dish under the sun for a couple of hours or an entire day. This will allow the mixture to ferment and cause the ingredients to take on a more bitter taste and pungent smell. Be sure to place the ingredients away from small children and animals that can play with the mixture. Inform other people living in the household that the mixture is deer repellant and should not be thrown away.

Spray onto plants. Finally, place the ingredients into a small spray container. Use this to spray the ingredients into your plants. If the mixture is too thick and the fine particles in the mixture clog up the spray bottle’s nozzle, add more water and run through the blender again. You can also soak a piece of cloth onto the mixture and use this to wipe the leaves of the plants.

Scheduling. To make the most out of your deer repellant, apply the repellant before the blooms and flowers appear on your garden. Choose small and soft leaves when spraying. The flowers, fruit, and small leaves are what deer like to nibble on. By spraying the plants with the deer repellant before the flowers bloom, you will be able to condition the deer to avoid your plants.

There are several variations in deer repellant. You can adjust the ingredients and check to see which combination and which proportions are most effective in keeping deer away from your plants.


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