How To Make Display Cases

Display cases are often seen in jewelry or specialty stores to showcase various products and store merchandise. If you’re starting a business that requires item presentation, consider availing of a multi-purpose display case. Such cases are great investments to your business as they are wonderful additions to store inventory.  If you were looking for alternative options to procure one, you have come to the right place! Learn how to create your own display case by reading the steps below.

  • Obtain the necessary materials. You can’t start a project with missing materials.  To avoid the hassle of going back forth, start the project with everything in hand. To create your very own display case, you’ll need to run to the nearest hardware store and pick out the following: with the intention of building a wooden case frame, you’ll need to scout for some timber.  In terms of handling wood, hardware stores take into consideration the fact that many of their DIY clients don’t exactly keep wood cutting technology.

    To avail of the free hardware service, do not hesitate to ask a sales representative. Simply specify your case’s dimensions to the attendant or ask for sizing assistance. Instead of working up a sweat, let them take care of it. For the glass cover of your display case, use plexi-glass. Again, sizing depends on your aforementioned dimensions although an eight of an inch is a common choice. Just to be sure, don’t forget to take this up a sales associate as well. Also of equal importance, a bonder-adhesive (one that works well with glass). You will need a saw or an alternative for adjustment purposes.

  • Decide if you want to start from scratch. This step is reserved for those who decide to do the cutting themselves. While most rely on the precision of hardware store associates, you are free to do things however you like. To start, you’ll need to identify the size of your display case. Use a saw to cut through the plexi-glass and continue doing so until you have the number of pieces you need. For this project, a display case is made out of four planes discounting the plexi-glass on the top. If made available to you, consider using any glass cutting technology for a simple and faster building process.
  • Glue all sides together. The bonder-adhesive is a powerful paste that is commonly used on products made of glass. Just like any other adhesive, a bonder-adhesive can successfully hold parts for a long period of time provided that the correct method for applying the adhesive is strongly enforced. Following the proper steps will allow the adhesive to properly dissolve into the glass resulting in a sealant-like outcome. Most hardware stores will recommend Methylene Chloride for plexi-glass projects due to its low tendency to chip and breakaway.
  • Set up the wooden frame. Measure the block of wood according to the dimensions of the glass pane. Once this is done, you are ready to attach the glass the display case onto the stand. If power tools are available, use these to securely the glass case on the wooden base. Be careful when working with power tools.
  • Work on the final touches. For a smooth and polished finish, you can use a router to add some edging detail onto your display case. If you want to add some color to the wooden frame, you are most welcome to paint over it. If you do, using some varnish will give your base a glossy wooden finish.


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