How To Make Dried Flower Arrangements

Arranged dried flowers are great additions to any home decoration. Most people plant different types of flowers that they can dry and arrange when ready. If you’re interested in making dried flower arrangements, here are the things you need to do.

  • Look for the flower to use. Flowers come in different flowers and shapes, and each one blooms beautifully in their own season. Start with flowers that are in season and go from there. Pick one with a stem and place it in a vase or any type of container.

    Afterwards, study the flower. Learn more about its shape, its color and its form. Get the flower in different stages of bloom, starting from the bud until it’s fully bloomed. Arrange the flowers in the vase by different stages of bloom and different lengths of cut. Doing so will make you familiar with different types of flower and which of them goes well with others.

  • Ready the dried materials. You can buy dried flowers from the supermarket or grow your own.
  • Get additional materials. Look for other materials to add to the arrangement, like different types of weeds, twigs, and seeds. Look around in the park for dried leaves and small flowers with different sizes and colors. You can also take a walk along the beach to look for driftwood and other materials.
  • Think about the arrangement to use. There are different types of arrangements that you can use for your flower arrangement. In determining the arrangement to use, think about the room where you plan to put the flowers in. Consider the paint color and the room’s mood so you’ll know if the flower you selected is applicable.

    Afterwards, determine if you need large or small flowers. For instance, arranging a small container of daisies will look good when placed in the middle of a coffee table, but not when placed in the middle of a longer buffet table. A flower arrangement with long stems will brighten a dark room, but will not work well when placed in the middle of a dinner table.

  • Ready the arrangement. Get a clean vase or container and lazy susan from art stores. Afterwards, using floral clay, put the vase firmly over the lazy susan. You should be able to easily rotate the lazy susan and see the vase from different sides.

    Get floral foam and fit it to your vase. Get pieces of dried grass or dried wheat to establish the arrangement. Afterwards, add in the larger flowers like hydrangeas by sticking the stem to the foam. If you find it hard to stick the stems in the foam initially, use a round stick to poke small holes, just enough for the stems to fit into.

Once you arranged the larger flowers, add in medium-sized flowers like straw flowers or dried roses. Arrange the flowers evenly on the container. Get fern or larkspur to accentuate the flower arrangement.

When making the flower arrangement, ready them a day or two before you need them so you have time to freely express yourself. If you want to give the flower arrangement as a gift, think about the event’s spirit and the receiver’s preference so you’ll know what color and flower to use.


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