How To Make Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles

Using drinking glasses from wine bottles are great additions to any dinner. They’re not hard to make and you don’t have to worry about glass designs and decorations as you can easily take advantage of their original form and style. In addition, you positively contribute to the environment as you reuse wine bottles. Aside from drinking glasses, you can also fashion wine glasses and tumblers from these bottles. If you want to know how to make drinking glasses from wine bottles, here are the things you need to do.

  • Get the wine bottles. Wine bottles are preferred over beer bottles as the former are thicker and less likely to break. You can also choose bottles with dimples or punts on the bottom, or those with flat bottoms. Flat-bottomed bottles are usually present on white wines.
  • Ready your working place. Look for a place that is clean, has available space, and not near or exactly where kids play. There is the possibility that the bottles will break and shatter, and glass shards can end up anywhere. You wouldn’t want anyone to touch or walk on a piece of glass shard because you weren’t able to get it the first time.

    In addition, don’t forget to use thick, cloth gloves and eye protection when working to prevent personal injuries and accidents.

  • Cut the bottle. There are different tools that you can use to cut the bottles, as long as they are able to cut a line all around the bottle. There are also plastic and metal bottle cutters that you can buy for this purpose. The height of the cut depends on the height of the drinking glass that you want to make.

    Once you make a line, stop there. Don’t cut the bottle all the way since glass has a structure that can’t be cut roughly. Put the bottle over a candle or any source of heat and carefully turn the bottle around, holding the bottle on both ends. This ensures that the crystalline structure of the bottle is retained.

    After heating the bottle for about a minute, remove it from heat and pour in a few drops of cold water around the area. Repeat the process until the glass breaks in two from the cut you made earlier. You’ll hear the sound of glass cracking while you’re doing this process.

  • Smooth the glass top. Once cut, the edges are rough and can easily cause cuts and injury, just like any broken glass. Use a Dremel tool with a conical tip to roughen the sharp edges. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask so you won’t end up taking in the ground glass.

    Grind the interior and exterior sides of the edges with the Dremel tool. Wrap the glass rim with aluminum tape so that the edges remain even. Continue grinding the edges until smooth.

Once done, use sandpaper with 200 grit or a finer one. Keep going until you’re sure that the edges won’t end up wounding the one drinking from it.

After you finish the drinking glass, wash it carefully to remove extra debris. You can also surround the glass edges with wire wheel to add a silver color and shiny edge to it.


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