How To Make Faux Bamboo

Your goal is to make your patio have an Asian look and feel using bamboo. The problem is, bamboo is very expensive and you can’t find any bamboo in your local stores. Now, how will your Asian-inspired patio look Asian? Do not worry! You can make your own bamboo with faux bamboo pieces.

You need to prepare the following:

  • PVC pipe
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Primer
  • Clean rug
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brush
  • Craft paint (black and brown)

Before starting this project, make sure to wear safety gears for your safety. Dusk mask and goggles are highly important especially during the sanding part.

  1. Cutting PVC pipe. Cut the PVC pipe to your desired length using a PVC pipe cutter. You can have different lengths of faux bamboo if that’s what your design dictates.
  2. Sanding. Sand each piece of PVC pipe from top to bottom to make it as smooth as real bamboo. A smooth PVC pipe will prevent the stacking of paints on the faux bamboo surface. This way you can give it a natural-looking finish. Wipe the sanded PVC pipe with a clean rug to remove any small particles and prepare it for primer application.
  3. Primer. Apply a very thin layer of primer paint to the PVC pipe. Let the primer dry on the pipe thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Joints. Now, you have to mimic the look of the bamboo joints. Do this using the hot glue gun and hot glue. Put hot glue around the PVC pipe, mimicking the bamboo joints. Let the glue dry after application.
  5. Varnish. Paint brush a thin layer of varnish around the PVC pipe. Choose oak or other bamboo-looking color for a more natural appeal. This will give that bamboo look for the faux bamboo. Re-apply another layer of varnish if needed. Let the varnish dry for about 24 hours.
  6. Painting the joints. The joints should stand out from the faux bamboo. You can do this by painting the joints with black or brown. Immediately remove any excess paint to prevent staining on other faux bamboo parts. The brown or black paint should stick on the joints. Apply another thin layer of clear varnish on the entire faux bamboo to protect it against wear and tear. That will make your faux bamboos last longer.

After creating your faux bamboo, you can now do anything you want from it like making a nice picture frame out of it. Simply cut the PV pipe lengthwise and cover the frame of your plain picture frame. You can also use different sizes of PVC pipes to mimic different sizes of bamboos. You can even use unconventional bamboo colors like darker colors, green, pink, red, or white.

Now, who says you can only get bamboos from tropical regions? With this project, anyone living in any part of the world can create his very own version of bamboo.


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