How To Make Faux Rocks

Do you want to improve your patio’s landscape? Why don’t you put more rocks in your creation? You’re probably thinking that using rocks is a very expensive choice. For some, using rocks costs a fortune but for some, it only costs a little patience and a little creativity. However there’s a catch—you’ll be using not the real rocks but faux rocks.

With faux rocks, beautifying your garden or patio will be relatively easy and will definitely be money-wise.

Things needed:

  • 1 part fine sand
  • 1 part Portland cement
  • 2 parts peat moss
  • Water
  • Hand trowel/small shovel
  • Water
  • Mixing bucket
  • Molds or forms
  • Concrete paint
  • Spray bottle
  • Sea sponge
  • Plastic used for covering

Prioritize safety when doing this project. Wear safety gears like gloves, dust mask, and goggles to avoid irreversible injuries.

  1. Mixing. Put the cement, sand, and peat moss together in a large bucket. Add enough water to create a cake-like texture for the mixture. Use shovel or a hand trowel when mixing these things. Mix until the mixture is like a cake mixture ready for baking.
  2. Molding. Pack the mixture into the cement mold. You can also use any smooth surface to shape the faux rocks. Stipple the mixture using a sea sponge to create that rough rock texture.
  3. Curing. This is the most important part of your faux rock making project. If done wrongly, your faux rock might be crumbly and might break apart so easily. After molding, cover the faux rock with plastic and let it cure in any shaded part for about two weeks. You are free to unmold the mixture if needed.
  4. Another curing. After the first two weeks, take off the mixture’s plastic and remold it to the shape you want. Leave the mixture again in a shaded part for about seven days.
  5. Vinegar washing. Thoroughly wash the faux rock using vinegar. After that, wash the rock with water until lime deposits are removed from the faux rock. Make sure you are wearing your gloves when washing the faux rock because the lime can burn your skin.
  6. Painting. Prepare the paint to be used first. Mix the cement paint until it has that watery consistency. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and gently paint the faux rock so it will resemble a real rock.

Another tip for a more realistic appearance of your faux rock: mix yogurt and peat moss and rub the mixture on the faux rock surface. Doing this will encourage moss growth, which will make your rock appear more real.

For fun-looking rocks, you can use other paint colors like red, green, or blue. Do what you want with the faux rock as what you can do with real rocks. It should do just fine if you have made the faux rocks properly.

Finally, your landscaping will be more beautiful and elegant-looking without spending so much—thanks to faux rock.


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