How To Make Floral Arrangements with Gerber Daisies

The Gerber daisy or gerbera belongs to the sunflower family. The flower is named after Traugott Gerber, a German naturalist. Gerber daisies used to grow wild in South Africa, some tropical regions of Asia and in South America. The gerber daisies that you see today are from domesticated cultivars called Gerbera hydrida that were the result of crossing Gerbera viridifolia with Gerbera jamesonii. Gerber daisies are widely used in many types of floral arrangements, either on their own or mixed together with other flowers. They are ranked fifth in the world among the flowers that are most used for flower arrangements. Gerber daisies come in different sizes and a stunning array of bold colors, usually with very dark or black centers. Below are different ways to make floral arrangements with Gerber daisies.

  • Determine the colors of Gerber daisies you want to use. You can use one color in different hues or make a combination of different colors. Gerber daisies are very bright and bold and can brighten and cheer up any arrangement. Decide too whether you want to only use Gerber daisies or you want to mix them with other flowers. Choose flowers that are complementary to the Gerber daisies. Get some filler flowers such as asters or baby’s breath as well as greenery. Choose the receptacle you want to use for the floral arrangement.
  • Soak a block of floral foam in cold water. Cut it to fit the basket or container that you will use for the floral arrangement. Place greenery in the outer portion of the floral foam. Determine the height of the flowers that you will place in the center of the arrangement. For a tall and triangular arrangement, the tallest flower will be in the center. Follow the lines of the triangle and cut the stems of the daisies accordingly, making sure that you place the daisies on all sides of the container. Insert the daisies at a slight angle when you are adding the flowers on the sides, toward the base of the container. Do not crowd the Gerber daisies to allow their inherent colors to stand on their own. You can fill the spaces between with other flowers or filler flowers.
  • If you are going for a minimalist look, like a Japanese style floral arrangement, choose medium size Gerber daisies. Use a shallow vase and add water. Make a shushi arrangement by choosing hardy stemmed greenery with small leaves. Trim the greenery stems in three lengths to represent the shin or truth branch and the soe or supporting branch. The shin will be the tallest branch. Arrange this on one side of the vase. The soe is the medium tall branch. Place this to the left of the shin branch. Arrange three to five Gerber daisies at the base of the branches to represent the hikae or moderating branch. The Gerber stems should be cut short but in varying lengths.
  • If you are using a tall vase with a wide mouth, place some ti leaves at the back of the vase. Arrange five Gerber daisies in varying lengths in a vertical wave pattern on the vase. Add the few roses to one side of the wave and lilies on the other side. Fill the gaps with berries and smaller leaves. Add a bit of dried vine to one side to complete the look.

There are many arrangements that you can do with Gerber daisies. You can even just bunch a handful of them together and then cut the stems evenly. Place them in a tall vase filled with water one third of the way and allow the Gerber daisies to spread out around the vase.


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