How To Make Flower Arrangements Using Orchids

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For special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and baptisms, floral arrangements are a common sight. Having flower arrangements set around the room as decorations not only makes the venue more colorful but also more relaxing. 

Floral arrangements can also be given as gifts. You can buy many floral arrangements online and have them delivered to the person you want to give it to. During special occasions like Christmas, flower shops offer promos and have these flowers on sale.

Because of orchids' unique and interesting characteristics, they can make charming floral arrangements appear even more stunning and elegant. This is why orchids are commonly used as centerpieces during special occasions. Orchids bring special meaning to any floral arrangement - for example, the pink orchid, which is commonly known as the 14th wedding anniversary flower, symbolizes affection. The cattleya orchid, on the other hand, signifies mature charm. 

To get the best out of your orchids, here are some tips in using these flowers for floral arrangements:

  1. Use freshly bloomed flowers. Keep in mind, however, that not all new blooms are of the highest quality, so make sure you use the best ones.
  2. When cutting the stems, make a slanted cut and do it neatly under water.
  3. If the orchids look wilted, place them in lukewarm water before adding them to the arrangement.
  4. Blooming orchids must not be placed under direct sunlight nor placed in a space with cold or hot drafts.
  5. If there are blooms that have not yet opened, expose them to bright light. Bright light helps the blooms open.
  6. When creating a flower arrangement, one must take into consideration the surroundings where the floral arrangement will be placed. The completed arrangement must not be too exaggerated or too subtle.
  7. If the floral arrangement is to be given as a gift, then include additional creative elements; it's usually best to not make these too formal.
  8. Be aware of the client's or the recipient's tastes. Know what her favorite color is, and include her favorite flower in the arrangement if you're able. Apply the knowledge into your creation. Customer satisfaction must always be the main goal.
  9. The basics of orchid floral arrangement include ferns, leaves, flowers as accessories to the orchids and of course, the pot. Some place the pots in the basket if the floral arrangement is to be given as a gift.
  10. To preserve the orchids' freshness, submerge them in fresh water. Don't forget to add flower preservative. Remember, all of the stems must be submerged in the water to prevent the flowers from wilting.
  11. To avoid making the orchids appear too cluttered, add ferns here and there. Ferns also make a perfect base.
  12. If you're making an arrangement with live orchids, check the moisture level of the soil in the pot.  Since the majority of orchid containers have no holes to drain the water, make sure the soil is almost dry before adding water. Too much water and fertilizer can cause the roots to rot, which can quickly kill your orchids.
  13. There is no limit to how much orchids you can add to your floral arrangement, so use as many as you need to complete your design.    

Orchids are not the type of plants that you see every day, because these flowers are not sold cheap. So if you have any of these at home and you want to use them as centerpieces, don’t just throw blooming orchids and leaves all together in a white pot. Keep these tips in mind and create your own floral arrangement to make a beautiful and elegant decoration.


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