How To Make Flower Centerpieces Using Silk Red Roses

Flower centerpieces are basically de rigueur in almost all types of banquets and receptions. Most of these are made from fresh flowers. For entertaining at home, one option is to have a flower centerpiece made from artificial flowers like silk roses that can be used many times. Silk roses look just like the real thing and also come in a variety of colors in different sizes. Red silk roses are very bold and opulent and can give off a warm and festive atmosphere to a special occasion. Below are the steps on how to make a flower centerpiece using silk red roses.

  • Determine how large your centerpiece will be and the container that you will use for the arrangement. There are varying shades of red roses, from dark red to light red. It is your choice whether you want to use just one particular shade or make a centerpiece with different shades of red. Red roses will look very good in a white, dark green or gold container.
  • Since artificial flowers do not need water, they are easier to arrange, using foam specifically made to anchor artificial flowers. Cut the foam in the shape of the container you are using and secure it to the container with hot glue. You can also use other unconventional receptacle for the arrangement.
  • If you are planning a flower centerpiece with pillar candles make sure that the candles are in holders and away from the flowers as silk is very susceptible to heat. A tall stemmed cut-glass fruit holder will make a very unusual but fitting holder for the candles and the red silk roses.
  • Place three rose-scented pillar candles in the center of the glass fruit holder. Elevate the pillar candles with a block of wood. Cut dry floral foam to fit the fruit holder, cutting the center of the foam to accommodate the wood block. Wrap artificial trailing ivy around the rim of the fruit holder, arranging the leaves so some of them are hanging from the edge. The ivy will hide the floral foam from view. Cut the stems of the silk roses using heavy gauge wire cutters. Cut them fairly short, about four inches from the base. Arrange them in a circular fashion around the pillar candles, bending some of the stems to create different heights. You can arrange the silk roses very close to one another for a solid arrangement or you can arrange them slightly apart from each other and fill the gaps with smaller roses or with white filler flowers. This will give the arrangement a softer and fuller look.
  • Position your flower centerpiece where you want to display it. Add a single long-stemmed red silk rose diagonally near the base of the fruit holder and scatter a few rose petals around the base.

Be sure to measure the actual height of the roses against the vase or container before cutting the stems of the roses. Large roses will showcase the beauty of the rose and will create a tightly packed centerpiece arrangement. With a more pliant stem than fresh roses you can bend the roses to conform to the shape that you want the flowers to follow.


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