How To Make Gerber Daisies Bloom More

Gerber daisies are beautiful plant creatures, which can easily beautify your garden or backyard with their shape and attractive colors. A member of the sunflower family, it has around 30 species all over the world. This species abounds in the tropical countries in Asia, in African and in South America.

If you are dreaming of having a miniature flower garden adjacent to your house, one option to fulfill this dream is to plant Gerber daisies. These daisies are very attractive to birds, butterflies and bees so you are assured that having them in your backyard will eventually transform it into a good-looking self-sustained ecosystem. Find out here how you can grow more of these Gerber daisies in your vacant lot. Afterwards, prepare for the pleasant atmosphere these species will bring to your home.

  1. Choose a good and robust-looking Gerber daisy plant. The plant you will start from is important since it will serve as the foundation of your venture. Make sure that it is healthy and sturdy. Check the leaves and the flowers and notice their colors and shapes. See to it that the colors are bright and the shape is well contoured. Look for flower buds since these are indicators of the plant being in the pink of its health. Another factor you must consider is the age of the plant. Younger daisies are less prepared for planting so be sure that you pick for planting those more mature plants. Indications of maturity are hardness and sturdiness of leaves and having full-colored flowers. A good plant makes you one step closer to your goal of growing more Gerber daisies.
  2. Plant your Gerber daises in small pots. If it is contained in a pot or other planting container, a Gerber daisy will tend to bloom more. The boundaries of the pot optimize the growth of the plant, and thus, making it grow more and more rapidly. The peat-based soil found in pots is also very compatible with the demands of the growing plant. This is another reason why the daisy is better planted in pots.
  3. Make sure that you expose the plant to a lot of sunlight: The heat and light of the sun are like vitamins to the growing plant. They maximize its growth and flower production. They also give it with more energy and make it appear healthier. In addition to this, having artificial light on your plant will also be salutary. This kind of plant heavily depends on light that the idea of relying on artificial light will not be bad. Just remember that this option must only supplement with the primary choice – the sunlight.
  4. Ensure that the daisy is always moist and kept in normal temperature. Moisture is generally favorable to plants and the Gerber daisy is not an exemption, but do not overdo it. The ideal temperature for growing Gerber daisies is 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. Warmer temperatures may be detrimental to their growth so make sure that you abide by this range especially the maximum temperature.

Planting Gerber daises is something that you should try if your backyard has been pale-looking in the past few years. Having Gerber daisies in your mini-garden will bring that unquestionable sense of life and atmosphere of freshness to your backyard. After achieving this, you can adapt a more positive and healthy lifestyle since this appearance evokes your inner satisfaction.


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