How To Make Good Use of Space in an Apartment

Are you looking for a dwelling place that you can call your home but you ditch the idea of living in an apartment because of space limitation? Well, the truth is, apartment living is more practical these days because of its affordable rent and proximity to city amenities. So if space is the major issue that is hampering you from living in an apartment, you can remedy the problem by making good use of every small space available.

Take note of the following suggestions on how to make good use of space in an apartment:

  1. Organize your stuff. Clutter seems to eat up more space than you can imagine because it makes your apartment look cramped and small. Have a place for everything and make sure you tidy up every corner on a regular basis. Never allow clutter to accumulate and pile up by clearing the dining table immediately after eating and putting away your tools in your work place as soon as you are done with your job.  
  2. Keep things that you don’t often use in cabinets or boxes. Go to home furnishing stores and purchase plastic boxes or stack up drawers where you can place your knick knacks.
  3. Keep every room in order and trim down the furnishings to the basics. An appropriately sized bed, a side table with lamp and a hanging book shelf are just the right fundamental fixtures for a bedroom. Avoid over decorating as it tends to darken the room. Also, keep the floor free from unnecessary articles such as throw pillows, bean bags and enormous rugs.
  4. In buying furniture, choose those that have extra storage space. For instance, pick a sofa that has a pull out drawer where you can keep old magazines, newspapers and photo albums.
  5. Furnish your living room with just a single lounging couch instead of several pieces of arm chairs and stools. Furniture in small pieces can create a scattered look, hence making a space look smaller.
  6. Store your toiletries, towels and beddings in bathroom cabinets and every available closet and storage space. Extra beddings, in particular, may be kept in old and idle suitcases while additional supplies of toiletries may be stashed in lower kitchen cabinets.
  7. Instead of investing on upright utility shelves, install hanging shelves for stuffed toys, trophies and souvenir articles to leave more room on the floor area.
  8. Before buying any furniture, measure the area where it is going to be positioned so you won’t end up having oversized couches or bulky tables that will make your apartment look even more crowded.
  9. Assemble the furniture away from the door. Never put a chair or table near the entrance hall to make your apartment look roomier and more open and to allow free movement as you go around the room.
  10. Create a spacious illusion by painting your apartment with light colors. Use curtains that extend from the ceiling down to the floor to make the ceiling look higher.

To make good use of space in your apartment you need to have an imaginative and creative mind. You can also gather more ideas by reading magazines on housekeeping and interior design or by simply asking family and friends for suggestions.


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