How To Make Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquets

Isn’t it a great achievement to prepare hand-tied bridal bouquets for friends and loved ones who are facing the altar? If you are the one assigned to this task, feel honored that you have been trusted to craft this important wedding accent.

For a beautiful hand-tied bridal bouquet, you will need a collection of flowers and greeneries, floral tape, 22-gauge wire, coordinating ribbon, scissors, and a wire cutter. Plan the layout of the bouquet early so that you can choose which flowers and greeneries to combine. Make sure that the textures, sizes, shapes, and color shades of the flowers and greeneries are well coordinated.

Use the steps provided below to make a wonderful hand-tied bouquet perfect for a lovely bride:

  1. First, prepare the materials needed to make the hand-tied bouquet. You need the flowers with at least twelve-inch stem attached to each and a vase with cool water where you can place those that have been cut. Trim each end of the stem to a sharp angle and remove the thorns. Also, remove the leaves in the stems and wrap each with floral tape.
  2. Choose the centerpiece of the hand-tied bouquet. Choose which among the flowers available can serve as a good central point of interest of the bridal bouquet. Then, place the other flowers around the central flower to make a round hand-tied bouquet. While adding the flowers, start weaving their stems in a criss cross manner to form the grip of the bridal bouquet.
  3. Continue filling the sphere of flowers while making sure that the hand-tied bouquet is in the precise shape. Keep the stem cluster intact so that there will be no unnecessary bulges in the handle.
  4. Accent the hand-tied bouquet with tiny greeneries and baby’s breath. Make sure that the tiny plants to be used as accents have some length of stem on them so that they may be woven with the rest of the flowers. This will also ensure that they will not fall from the sphere when turned in an upside down manner.
  5. For the outer edge and frame, finish the hand-tied bouquet with large plant leaves like that of camellia, magnolia, and ivy.
  6. Secure the bouquet’s stems with a twist. Make sure that no part of the hand-tied bouquet will slip off when the bride throws the hand-tied bouquet.
  7. With a lovely ribbon, tie the stem grip of the bridal bouquet leaving some length to flow. You can curl this ribbon tail or cut in uneven lengths. There you have it, your lovely hand-tied bridal bouquet!
  8. And finally, set the hand-tied bridal bouquet in a vase with narrow opening until it is ready to be used.

Preparing hand-tied bridal bouquet is both fun and exciting especially since this will take part in a momentous event of two people. And with more practice, you can make this as a business and start a whole new flower arrangement career. You can search the Internet for other design ideas and start looking for possible clients.


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