How To Make Hanging Ceiling Decorations

Ceilings should not be boring, as they are as important as the floor and the walls. This part can also make a great effect in the overall look of the room. You can even make use of the ceiling to enhance and emphasize the room décor and theme. Remember that every time you lie either on the bed or couch, chances are that you will be staring at the ceiling. So if you want a better view when you lie down, add a little style on the ceiling with hanging ceiling decorations.

Whether to prepare for a wedding reception or simply to decorate the house, a ceiling drape can be a good ceiling decoration. A canopy is also an effective way to hide the unwanted marks in the ceiling that cannot be hidden by mere paint.

Curtains can be used to make beautiful accents that add the touch of sophistication to any room. The following steps will teach you how to make hanging ceiling decorations using curtains:

  1. The preliminary step in making hanging ceiling decoration using the curtain is to determine which color and type of curtain to use. This will be affected by the colors of the walls and ceiling. Then carefully measure the area of the curtain rod required for the curtain drapes.
  2. In order to hang the curtain at the ceiling, you must first install the curtain rod. This first step is the most tedious task and you may need someone to help you with this. This can be done by mounting brackets at five feet intervals in the ceiling where to attach the curtain rods. Use an electric drill to bore the holes for these brackets. When the curtain rod is placed in its proper location, the rest of the steps will be simple and quick.
  3. The next step is to place a panel at the bottom with the use of pinch pleat curtain of standard size. This will allow the curtain to reach down to the floor. If you desire to place additional panels, make sure that the material is cut in the same width as the curtain. Also make sure that the panel end is hemmed before securing the curtain. However, when draping the bed, additional panel is not necessary since the curtain will not be made to reach the floor.
  4. Finally, smooth out the curtains making sure that they are evenly distributed in the manner that you desire. You may need additional clips to prevent them from sagging especially when using heavy curtains.
  5. For wedding decorations, you can spice up the hanging curtains with balloon bouquets. Surely, you can turn the house into a palace with these ceiling decorations.

After doing these, you will be surprised on how the ceiling decorations can change the look of the room. Curtains made as hanging ceiling decorations are very attractive additions to the rooms of the house.

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination to accent the rooms of the house with hanging ceiling decors.


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