How To Make Hanging Flower Balls for Your Wedding

Do you want to put a personal touch on your wedding decorations? This is easy—make your own hanging flower balls! Surely, you want to make your wedding memorable and unique without spending too much. You don’t need a florist to make hanging flower balls for your wedding. The steps are easy to follow and you can make use of your own creativity and imagination to enhance the beauty of your wedding decorations.

If you follow the step by step process presented here, you will be amazed on how you can turn your wedding to a masterpiece without spending extra for the decorations. The materials and tools needed to make the hanging flower balls for your wedding can be purchased at your favorite craft store. You need a Styrofoam ball (of your desired size), a roll of satin or long fancy ribbons (to be used to wrap around and suspend the Styrofoam ball), fresh or artificial silk flowers (of different or uniform sizes and colors), straight pins, scissors, and wire cutter.

Here are the steps on how you can craft your personal hanging flower balls for your wedding. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials to avoid hassle in this project.

  1. Wrap the Styrofoam ball with the ribbon or satin. Start by pinning the ribbon at one end at any part of the ball and from there, wrap the ball one time. Secure the ribbon tight to the ball by pinning it at every inch until you reach back the starting point. Leave some length hanging for suspension. You can also use a glue gun instead of straight pins for stronger hold.
  2. With the use of your scissors, start trimming the stems of the fresh or silk flowers. Leave an inch of the stem for small to medium flowers. You can extend its length a little longer if you will be using larger flowers. Group the flowers according to their color and sizes and then decide which pieces to put in your wedding floral ball.
  3. Push the stems of the flowers deep into the Styrofoam ball until no part of the stem is showing. You can start pinning the flowers at the ribbon edges around the Styrofoam ball. Conceal the spaces with the petals of the flowers and some greenery. If you do not want to add some greenery, leave some foliage attached to the flowers when you cut the stems.
  4. Your hanging flower ball is now ready! You can make more flower balls of different sizes and different lengths of suspension. They will look stunning both for indoor and outdoor decorating in bow fashion. Hang the flower balls in doorways, windows and even around the chandeliers. You can hang them individually or by group.

Deciding on wedding decorations can be a very tedious task especially for the wife-to-be. Hanging flower balls are a great idea to embellish the empty spaces above the venue. Make your own flower balls and spice up your wedding with elegant and unique decoration pieces.


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