How To Make Hanging Flower Baskets

Photo of a hanging pot

Spring is the season for renewal and growth. For a quick spruce-up for your home patio or deck, consider making a hanging flower basket. One trip to the garden section, fifteen minutes and these six steps is all you need to create your own hanging flower basket at home. Materials:

  • Basket
  • Flowers
  • Peat or moss base/dish
  • Potting soil
  • Water

Step 1

Choose the basket. Hanging baskets come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Know where you want to place the basket, then choose the size and style that best complements your space. If you are new to gardening, start with simple plastic hanging pots in a neutral green, tan or white and stick with a basket that is 12" - 16" in diameter at the top for average-sized plants.

Step 2

Choose the plants. While at your local garden center, choose some flowering plants. Any flowering plant will work, so be creative. Choose the color or scent that most appeals to you or try a few complementing plants. Try to avoid the stiff-stemmed plants like roses or black-eyed susans that tend to grow straight up. You are looking for plants with flexible stems that will fill out and flow over the edge of the hanging basket.

Step 3

Set the base layer of the basket. If you use a solid basket, then you will just need potting soil, but if you chose a decorative web or open style, then you will need to construct the base of the pot. Purchase a moss base or peat base, which will hold the soil, and plant inside the basket. Using either a peat moss or potting soil fill in the base layer of the pot. Fill this area loosely because roots need space to grow. Once you have the first base layer, fill the pot a little more than half full with potting soil.

Step 4

Place the plant in the hanging basket or pot. Carefully remove the plant and its roots from the original plastic container by cutting the container or gingerly loosening the soil and pulling the plant free. Loosen the soil packed around the roots, then place the plant into the hanging basket.

Step 5

Fill in the remaining soil. Loosely fill the rest of the basket with potting soil making sure that the roots of the plant are covered.

Step 6

Water regularly. Once the plant is potted, get it very wet and water daily for the first week. After the first week, check the soil for dampness and water as needed.

You can always buy plants already potted in a hanging basket, but if you want to put a personal touch on your displays, these steps can get you there with your own baskets. Choose plants that like to spread out and will fall over the edges of the plants for a more decorative impact, and just have fun digging in the dirt to make your home a more beautiful place.


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I now know where I failed. I watered it only when I planted and not daily after that. Thanks.

By Mary Norton