How To Make Hardwood Hammer Handles

For an avid woodworker, few things are more frustrating than breaking a tool.  When building anything from birdhouses to furniture or repairing things around the house, hardwood hammer handles can break and leave you irritated and hanging in the middle of a project.  Before you race out to your local tool and hardware store to buy a new hammer, read this article to learn how to make hardwood hammer handles on your own, quickly and easily, in your home woodworking area.

You will need a lathe and several gouges, as well as your choice of hardwood.  Some types commonly used to make hammer handles are cherry, hickory or oak wood.  First take a square piece of blank stock and mark an X from corner to corner of the square.  Then, center this blank at opposite points in your lathe.  Round the stock up to the diameter of the handle at its widest point.

Next, take the stock from the lathe and measure two offset distances on each end.  These marks should be made along one axis and be the same distance each from the center, which will allow you to determine the width of your handle.  The wider these marks are, the narrower the width. Now, place the blank back into the lathe at one of the marks and turn the lathe slowly until the blank forms the shape you need.  Then, move the stock to the other mark and do the same thing.  This will create the oval you need, but you may need to sand out some rough edges to make it just right.

Now that the handle is complete, you will need to fit it to the hammer's head.  Use a hand saw to cut about an inch adze end of the handle.  This will allow you to drive a one-inch wood wedge, and that wedge will hold the head onto the handle.  There you have it!  You are now able to use your new and improved hardwood hammer for a variety of projects and crafts.  

Hopefully this tutorial has enabled you to create a new hardwood hammer handle, quickly and easily.


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