How To Make Homemade Bedroom Curtains

One of the most important parts of your house is the bedroom. It serves as the place where you can rest and relax after a full day. This is also usually the place where you can have your most private moments. This is why your room must have an atmosphere that you decide for it to have.

Setting up curtains in your bedroom can infuse it with a particular aura. Curtains keep the sunlight from entering your room and depending on your choice of material, can seclude your room from the outside world. Here is a guide on making bedroom curtains without spending too much.

  1. Decide on the kind of curtain you want for your room: You must consider the current design of your room. Take note of the dominant color in your room and ensure that it will blend well with the color you will choose for your curtain. You must also determine the thickness of the curtain that you will use since the size of the curtain rod will depend on it. Knowing these details will make it easier for you to buy the complementary parts of your bedroom curtain.
  2. Do the necessary measurements: Identify the window where you will use the curtain and measure its dimensions. Measure the sizes of all sides of the window.  Also, measure the length from the floor to the position of the curtain rod where you will hang the curtain. Once you buy the fabric you will sew to make the curtain, make sure that it has an allowance in size. The ideal size allowance is one foot. This will give enough working space in your fabric or space for adding designs and other ornaments.
  3. Prepare the fabric you will sew: Purchase a fabric which size accords with your previous measurements. The look of the fabric will highly depend on the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve for your room. Bright-colored fabrics will work if you want to lighten up the atmosphere of your room. Thick, plain-colored fabrics will do if you want to create a formal appearance. Afterwards, put them into laundry so to prevent them from shrinking once they are already hung.
  4. Start sewing the fabric: Following the measurements, cut the fabric you have bought. Then, press the bottom of the curtain fabrics hard, locate the seams and fold the two sides by one-fourth inch. Also fold the width of the fabric by a half-inch. Use a pin to fold the bottom apart of the curtain.  Afterwards, press all the folds you have made and stitch them along. Create hems by folding the bottom part of the curtain
  5. Iron the curtain and prepare them for hanging: When the sewing is done, you can now iron the finished curtain to arrange its appearance. Contrariwise, do not iron it if the kind of fabric is resistant. Then, hang the curtains using the curtain rod. Your room is now adorned with your homemade curtain!

Curtains in your bedroom can induce a distinct kind of atmosphere in your room that can work well with your mood and preferences. Once the curtains are hung in your room and this looks good to you, you may get more positive vibe, which can perk you up or make you more productive. By having bedroom curtains and making them appropriately, you are up to a healthier living!


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