How To Make Inexpensive No Sew Curtains

One of the best ways to pep up your living room and give it a breath of fresh air is by putting up new curtains. However, buying a new set of curtains can sometimes be impractical economically, especially if you are on a tight budget. In this case, you can opt to make your own curtains. The good thing is that it is not that hard to do, as you can make no sew curtains that require minimal effort. Here are the steps to follow in making your inexpensive no sew curtains.

  1. Prepare the workplace and materials that you will need. You must first clear the workplace. Be sure there are no things around that may disturb your work. You need to have comfortable access to an electrical outlet. The things that you will need are - pencil and ruler, hot glue gun and hot glue stick and the rod stick where the curtains will hang. Prepare wall nails or hooks where you will hang the rod into place.
  2. Outline and cut the fabric into the appropriate size. Lay down the fabric and use the ruler and pencil to mark the spot where you will cut. Next, cut the fabric to the appropriate size. Trim down unnecessary fabric. The length of the curtain is up to your discretion.
  3. Crease out the edges of the cloth. You have to make a mark on the edges of the cloth. Use your thumb as guide, and then fold the fabric. Make a very obvious crease. Using this measurement, do the same in all sides except the top part that will be used for rod pockets.
  4. Fasten the sides together with glue. The cut edges of the fabric are very unpleasant to see. Moreover, lost threads can start ruining the entire curtain when they get tangled. To prevent these from happening, make a pocket by folding the creases and gluing them into place. Begin with the bottom crease first, going to either side. Continue the gluing to the other sides and make it as clean as possible.
  5. Make a big crease at the top part. You can do this by placing your palm on the top part with the middle finger touching the edge of the fabric. Fold the fabric with the same length of your palm, making sure that the line of the fold is straight. Make another crease.
  6. Fold the crease and then glue. Do the same as you did with the other edges. However, go beyond the crease to make the pocket bigger. This is to make some sort of a ‘head for the curtain. Once you finish gluing, let dry.
  7. Make another pocket at the top. Again, make another pocket at the very top of the curtain. This time, its size must be double the diameter of the rod that you will insert inside the pocket.

Once finished, bring out a hot iron and level the glued parts to make it cleaner to the eye. You can make another one to make it a pair. Hang the curtain in a sunny part of the window.


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